A Change

A change has come over me as I have prepared this whole year to re-visit John of God. I live now in the presence of God. I still walk through this world but I sense only God’s Presence. I had a vision a few months ago in which I found myself at the top of all dimensions, in a space that was not a space, and I was right next to the Ocean of God. The only thing that separated me was the thinnest film, no thicker than a soap bubble. I knew that I could walk through it and into that ocean any time I wanted to. That thin soap bubble represents the tiny little illusion that we have made with the tiny mad idea that we could break off from God and observe the Whole. It was an absurd idea. It has not changed God one bit, nor could this Ocean of Love ever be “angry” at us. There is nothing but eternal Love in that Ocean which is our true and only home. But our tiny mad idea has created this soap bubble of separation, which is an illusion as mad as the tiny mad idea itself. We are in that Ocean right now, you and I, and you, and you, and you over there, you the skeptic, and you the unbeliever, you the Catholic, you the Baptist, you the Hindu, Buddhist, you the Islamic, you who are angry and you who know something of Love. We are all there as one, not as EGO’s, thank God, or we would have to suffer evil and good for eternity, but as spirit, ONE Spirit.  ACIM calls this One Spirit, the Son of God.  Jesus is a part of that Son, but so are you and I and every sensory byte of information in this illusory universe. Let go of all your little hates today and just see the Love that is in all things. Stay up in the Love and sooner than you imagine, the universe will disappear and we will find ourselves in the Ocean of God. That Ocean is unconscious eternal Love and it is an Ocean which has no shore, nor an end. Don’t be afraid to give up the little conscious “you.” Every loving thought, every loving deed you have done, has been perfectly remembered in the Mind of God. None of your unloving thoughts and deeds have been remembered because they were all unreal. Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God.”

Real and Unreal

It can be helpful to divide your daily thoughts and actions into “real” and “unreal.” As long as we are in this world we will have unreal thoughts and actions. All thoughts that are not loving are unreal, and God does not know about them. “God did not create that plane crash, so it is not real.” But also at a personal level, “God did not create that fit I threw because the cable was out.” We can laugh it off. If our thoughts and actions caused anyone pain then we need to be aware of that and show compassion and sympathy to them. But forgive yourself. It is not real!

I was parallel parking my big Cadillac and just nudged the car behind me. The guy got out of his car all mad like I had really done something! I just told him how sorry I was and kindly pointed out that there was no damage. It was just a bump. He calmed down. Now we all know that terrible things appear to happen in this world, but it may help us not to get sucked into dualistic illusion by being aware of what is real and what is unreal. Any loving thought you have is real and is shared with God!! Anything else is illusion and God is not aware of it. God did not make this world!! WE DID, as One Mind, projecting an illusion of fear. It is all a dream. As One Mind we fell into a little crazy dream that we could be something other than our Father. In that dream we believed God was angry at us because we had “hurt Him.” So we projected our Self into this physical universe to hide from God. As we came in through the Big Bang we splintered into zillions and zillions of data: light, gas, matter, planets, suns, life-forms, humans. Each little byte of data is a part of the Whole Mind which projected us here. The universe is a dream the One Mind is having. Thankfully the Truth of who we are came with us into this dreamy universe. ACIM calls this Truth, “The Holy Spirit.” This Truth whispers to us, “Only Love is Real.” If we are wise we will listen. Then we can see how much of our day was “real,” (loving, shared with God) and how much was unreal (unloving). Stay up in the Love and the illusory universe will disappear!♥♥♥♥

Sex and A Course In Miracles

Unlike all other religions and paths, A Course in Miracles has nothing at all to say about sex!!! Whereas most other religions surround sex in taboo and sin, ACIM just doesn’t talk about it. We can infer from its teaching on relationships that sex could be wrong-minded (special relationships) or right-minded (loving intentions). The matter is left up to you. Certainly the ego likes sex as a way of affirming that the body is real and powerful. Sex often paves the way for special relationships which are a form of hate, not love, and come from the tiny mad idea that you have something I need and I have something you need! But like Tantric Yoga, the Course allows that sex can be a part of sharing true Love and experiencing union with God. It would then, not be the exclusive way Love is shared, but just one way among a million. We will either see that or not according to how well we have done our work in forgiving the world (and all its people) and seeing the world as a reflection of the Divine, what the Course calls the “Real World.” Two people can share awareness of Love’s Presence, share their walk together, and make beautiful sex that will have the angels smiling.♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


If You Could Know

If you could know that these beautiful creatures were a part of YOU, would you still kill them? We are all One Spirit, a Divine Spirit, the Light of God, in these various bodies. Every byte of sensory information in this illusory universe (and perhaps others) is a broken off part of The Son of God. If you will awaken from your dream that tells you, you are a body, you will know. Only Love is real. The water in a creek runs over the rocks, and the rocks whisper, “Only Love is real.” The sea water breaks over rocks and the rocks whisper, “Only Love is real.” The Love of God is at high tide in your heart, and your heart whispers, “I surrender. I surrender to the Love that is all I am.♥♥♥

Illusions of Duality and Old Jehovah (alias, Yahweh, Yahuah, Adonai, HaShem, El, Elohim et al)

As long as you believe in good and evil you will be caught in this dream world of duality. Here everything has an opposite and we create this world by opposites. In this dream world you appear to be a body, a bio-body bag of mostly water, separate from other bags similarly made, and most certainly separate from god, whoever that is! In this crazy dream we began to project images of a god who was like us. He was personal, also had a body bag similar to us and had emotions just like us.(Hey, if you want to debate that he had a body, He told Moses, “No man can see my face and live, but as I pass by you can see my back side.” “Back Side???” Sounds like a butt to me!) He liked some people and disliked others. He had a chosen people and was content to have no relationship with the rest of humanity, the ultimate dead-beat Dad. He threw temper tantrums, destroyed the world and then said, “Oops, I’m sorry I did that. I promise I won’t do that any more. Here’s a rainbow for you.” He approved of slavery. “It is perfectly OK to enslave some people. Just don’t enslave your neighbor. Go to a far off country and get your slaves.” Hmmmm….far off country? You mean, like Africa? He was the first to use atomic bombs on his own people at Sodom and Gomorrah. Whatever they did there, do you think that they deserved to be nuked….by an all loving, omnipotent, god??? This picture is all a HUMAN construct that comes from the human mind as it was developing 3,000 years ago. Today, to any thinking person, it is an embarrassment which shows that the Bible is telling the WRONG STORY. It is a part of the problem, not the solution. The Bible has no concept of an impersonal God, the Ground of All Being, which is all-encompassing unconditional Love. The Bible is the book the EGO wrote to justify its world view of sin, guilt and fear, and create a dream world in which you are just a sinful sack of water on two legs. Time to wake up and grow up.
Python God