Real and Unreal

It can be helpful to divide your daily thoughts and actions into “real” and “unreal.” As long as we are in this world we will have unreal thoughts and actions. All thoughts that are not loving are unreal, and God does not know about them. “God did not create that plane crash, so it is not real.” But also at a personal level, “God did not create that fit I threw because the cable was out.” We can laugh it off. If our thoughts and actions caused anyone pain then we need to be aware of that and show compassion and sympathy to them. But forgive yourself. It is not real!

I was parallel parking my big Cadillac and just nudged the car behind me. The guy got out of his car all mad like I had really done something! I just told him how sorry I was and kindly pointed out that there was no damage. It was just a bump. He calmed down. Now we all know that terrible things appear to happen in this world, but it may help us not to get sucked into dualistic illusion by being aware of what is real and what is unreal. Any loving thought you have is real and is shared with God!! Anything else is illusion and God is not aware of it. God did not make this world!! WE DID, as One Mind, projecting an illusion of fear. It is all a dream. As One Mind we fell into a little crazy dream that we could be something other than our Father. In that dream we believed God was angry at us because we had “hurt Him.” So we projected our Self into this physical universe to hide from God. As we came in through the Big Bang we splintered into zillions and zillions of data: light, gas, matter, planets, suns, life-forms, humans. Each little byte of data is a part of the Whole Mind which projected us here. The universe is a dream the One Mind is having. Thankfully the Truth of who we are came with us into this dreamy universe. ACIM calls this Truth, “The Holy Spirit.” This Truth whispers to us, “Only Love is Real.” If we are wise we will listen. Then we can see how much of our day was “real,” (loving, shared with God) and how much was unreal (unloving). Stay up in the Love and the illusory universe will disappear!♥♥♥♥