Sex and A Course In Miracles

Unlike all other religions and paths, A Course in Miracles has nothing at all to say about sex!!! Whereas most other religions surround sex in taboo and sin, ACIM just doesn’t talk about it. We can infer from its teaching on relationships that sex could be wrong-minded (special relationships) or right-minded (loving intentions). The matter is left up to you. Certainly the ego likes sex as a way of affirming that the body is real and powerful. Sex often paves the way for special relationships which are a form of hate, not love, and come from the tiny mad idea that you have something I need and I have something you need! But like Tantric Yoga, the Course allows that sex can be a part of sharing true Love and experiencing union with God. It would then, not be the exclusive way Love is shared, but just one way among a million. We will either see that or not according to how well we have done our work in forgiving the world (and all its people) and seeing the world as a reflection of the Divine, what the Course calls the “Real World.” Two people can share awareness of Love’s Presence, share their walk together, and make beautiful sex that will have the angels smiling.♥♥♥♥♥♥♥