The Coming Crash of America

Duality will eventually bring down The United States of America! The constant projecting of the opposite, the constant inability to act for the good of all people, the constant polarization and hatred for the other that it inspires, will eventually destroy the country, just as it did the Soviet Union. Look at what is going on now. The demonization of the other has paralyzed congress so that it cannot even keep the government going. It is not a stretch to see the USA falling further back in its credit rating from Standards and Poors because of Congressional polarization. And it is not a stretch to see that the dollar might be replaced as the world currency. Duality cannot last as a perception because it has no vision. It only knows conflict and blame. It constantly projects the opposite rather than perceiving underlying connections. The USA right now is stuck in 3D and in 3D there are no solutions!!!!

My channeled thoughts…

Words represent thoughts and thoughts can be real (Loving) or unreal (illusory, dualistic, unloving). The real thoughts are shared with God and they can help change your mind. When you read my channeled thoughts you can say, “Oh he is just good at writing,” (in which case you miss out), or you can allow the words to come into your heart and find God there sharing those thoughts. All healing is of the mind. I am not alone in experiencing the effects of my thoughts. Every thought I have either brings the sonship closer together or increases separation (illusion). 
There is no such thing as “just words.”




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