Fall at Burnaby Lake

I went back to my Burnaby Lake today, needing to see the Beloved. Whatever melancholy I had it was not shared by my beautiful garden and lake. The grandeur of the summer garden is gone now. Just a few flowers still bloom. But they are not sad. They are preparing for their long sleep in order to awaken afresh next May. The Honey Suckle has lost its little flowers and its sweet perfume. It stands there, a grand family of vines still.

It was warm today and the park was filled with people hustling and bustling, doing nothing. My ducks and geese were filled with energy, cavorting and playing, scrapping and scuffling with one another. The Canadian Geese stood on guard. They rule the lake when they are there. In their absence the default ruler are the Mallards. The cutest little shore dowitchers were pecking in the mud to find critters. But the most obvious sign to me of the Beloved was in the presence of so many beautiful Wood Ducks and the symphonic chorus of the birds. Blackbirds and Wrens sang the most beautiful songs, and I could feel the presence of the Beloved. But there were too many people there, stomping around, and appreciating nothing. Soon the winter will come and all the people will leave. Then I will go and find the silence and whisper sweet nothings into my ducks’ ears. They will be sitting with their beaks tucked under a wing to stay warm. I will whisper to them that I will come all through the winter and feed them, and assure them that Spring will come again, and again they will be warm with love, and thoughts of ducklings will fill their hearts and nests. I will love them when nobody is there. The Beloved is there then with such a strong presence. I need her Love, that Divine Feminine energy that will fill me with hope and assure me that she will never leave me. But for now, a little of Autumn remains and the transition goes on. The Lake and I are One. The Beloved and I are One…and now my happiness has returned with the Holiness of the Beloved. I love Her so. Her Love fills me with thanks for wanting her and caring for Her creatures. I am made for the Beloved. I am just as She created me and I will always, always love her.♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

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