Questions and Answers from the perspective of A Course in Miracles

Questions and Answers from the perspective of A Course in Miracles:

Do we have a soul? Yes, and it is as real or more so than your experience of self in this life; but it is not eternal. It is still an illusion because it separates you from your eternal Self which is One with God. Our souls are a pattern of lessons we need to learn in order to go back into God.

What is our eternal Self? The Christ Mind is our real and eternal Self. We share it with God.

Is the universe God? No the universe is not real. It is a dream the Son of God (that includes you, me, and everybody else) is having. God the Father did not make this world. The world is a dream the Son is having and it will be over one day.

Is A Course in Miracles true? Yes, it is indeed true. It is a gift of God to His Sleeping Son.

Is A Course in Miracles the same as Christianity? No the Course is a distinct path. You choose one or the other.

Is there a Pope for A Course in Miracles? No, and no church either. The Course is designed as a self-study course in which you and the Holy Spirit undo the mistakes in thought you have made.

Is God a person? No, indeed not. God is impersonal unconditional Love. God is the ground of all being, or being itself, not a single being, like the Old Testament Jehovah.

Does God send people to hell? God only knows eternal truths. He is Love, Truth and Knowledge. He knows no such thing as sin, error, retribution or punishment. He knows no forgiveness for it is not needed in Heaven.

Will I go to Heaven when I die? Not unless you have completed all your lessons. Otherwise you will be given other opportunities to learn them. The Course strongly suggests reincarnation as the way we are given new chances to learn old lessons.

Is there a spirit world we go to when our bodies die? The Course strongly suggests that nothing happens to the spirit when the illusory body dies. The mind is still present with its illusions, just without a body. But the Course does not rule out the idea that the spirit (mind) joins with other minds who have constructed spirit worlds, as reported often in Near Death Experiences. But these spirit worlds are still a part of the illusion of separateness. They are not Heaven.

Is there a Heaven? Indeed. It is our true Home. The Course tells us that God created a spiritual universe (not this physical one) in which He and His One Son create by extending themselves. Heaven is a condition of complete Oneness. There are no individual souls in Heaven. Heaven is the perfect Oneness of God and His One Son and is characterized as all-encompassing Love without an opposite. There is nothing but this Love, and so there is no observer.

Who am I? According to the Course, the body is an illusion. But you are your mind, or your spirit. The belief that you are distinct and separate from others is an illusion called the ego. In truth your spirit is the same as my spirit. We are all the same spirit, seemingly split into parts. And that whole spirit put back together is the divine Son of God.

Who is Jesus? The name of Jesus is the name of one who was a man but saw the face of Christ in all his brothers and remembered God. So he became identified with Christ, a man no longer, but at one with God. The man was an illusion, for he seemed to be a separate being, walking by himself, within a body that appeared to hold his self from Self, as all illusions do. Yet who can save unless he sees illusions and then identifies them as what they are? Jesus remains a Saviour because he saw the false without accepting it as true. And Christ needed his form that He might appear to men and save them from their own illusions.

In his complete identification with the Christ, “the perfect Son of God, His one creation and His happiness, forever like Himself and one with Him,” Jesus became what all of you must be. He led the way for you to follow him. He leads you back to God because he saw the road before him, and he followed it. He made a clear distinction, still obscure to you, between the false and true. He offered you a final demonstration that it is impossible to kill God’s Son; nor can his life in any way be changed by sin and evil, malice, fear or death.

And therefore all your sins have been forgiven because they carried no effects at all. And so they were but dreams. Arise with him who showed you this because you owe him this who shared your dreams that they might be dispelled. And shares them still, to be at one with you.

Is he the Christ? O yes, along with you. His little life on earth was not enough to teach the mighty lesson that he learned for all of you. He will remain with you to lead you from the hell you made to God. And when you join your will with his, your sight will be his vision, for the eyes of Christ are shared. Walking with him is just as natural as walking with a brother whom you knew since you were born, for such indeed he is. Some bitter idols have been made of him who would be only brother to the world. Forgive him your illusions, and behold how dear a brother he would be to you. For he will set your mind at rest at last and carry it with you unto your God.

Is he God’s only Helper? No, indeed. For Christ takes many forms with different names until their oneness can be recognised. But Jesus is for you the bearer of Christ’s single message of the Love of God. You need no other. It is possible to read his words and benefit from them without accepting him into your life. Yet he would help you yet a little more if you will share your pains and joys with him, and leave them both to find the peace of God. Yet still it is his lesson most of all that he would have you learn, and it is this:

There is no death because the Son of God is like his Father. Nothing you can do can change Eternal Love. Forget your dreams of sin and guilt, and come with me instead to share the resurrection of God’s Son.And bring with you all those whom He has sent to you to care for as I care for you.


bench into eternity

Looking again at the grief we have when losing a friend

Looking again at the grief we have when losing a friend…..We pretty much know what happens at physical death. The body drops away. That is about all. The mind of the person remains and finds its way into the spirit world with other discarnate minds. Some of those minds are wrong minded and some right minded. Birds of a feather flock together. But it is important to remember that all the spirit worlds are a part of this illusion of universality. They are not eternally real. Dying does not make anyone enlightened. It does not dispel illusions the mind is holding. It is different to be a mind without a body but it is not necessarily better. After a time in those spirit worlds most discarnate minds come back into another physical body in order to work on the lessons we need to learn, to undo the errors in thought which made this illusory universe in which we dream we are separate from God and each other. In talking about Jesus the Course identifies him this way: “The man was an illusion, for he seemed to be a separate being, walking by himself, within a body that appeared to hold his self from Self, as all illusions do.” He dispelled that illusion by identifying himself with the Christ mind and we have to do the same. All of our lessons go to this goal. “The name of Jesus is the name of one who was a man but saw the face of Christ in all his brothers and remembered God. So he became identified with Christ, a man no longer, but at one with God.” We are all on the trail of the Christ, whether in the illusion of the physical world or the illusion of the spirit world. The reality we are awakening into is the Christ Mind. In Truth we are all a hologram of the Christ Mind. We are all One Mind. The so-called “soul” is not eternally real. It is just a pattern of karma we have, a curriculum of lessons, to dispel the error of thought that gives us the illusion of separateness, and yes, of individuality. God has One Son, and we, as minds, are all a part of that Sonship. The Son is dreaming now. He is in a little nightmare of thought, brought about by a tiny mad idea that He could be something different from His Father….something different, like an independent observer, outside of the Whole, outside of the Will of God. Being a part of the Sonship we share that dream and are waking up by doing our lessons. The Holy Spirit is here in the dream to help us both with our lessons and with awakening. As we awaken fully we give up all little illusions of soul identity, and merge back into the Ocean of God, not to be extinguished. The single drop is not lost in the Ocean. The fullness of the Ocean enters into the drop. Just as surely, every loving thought and deed we have done within the dream of separateness has been perfectly remembered within the Mind of God, for we have share those thoughts with Him. Everything that has been “real” within our countless lives has been perfectly remembered in the Mind of God. Is that not a better picture of eternity than trillions of souls existing forever in some sort of eternal church meeting, or roasting in hell? What is not true cannot be made true. “Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God.”
Photo: Looking again at the grief we have when losing a friend.....We pretty much know what happens at physical death. The body drops away. That is about all. The mind of the person remains and finds its way into the spirit world with other discarnate minds. Some of those minds are wrong minded and some right minded. Birds of a feather flock together. But it is important to remember that all the spirit worlds are a part of this illusion of universality. They are not eternally real. Dying does not make anyone enlightened. It does not dispel illusions the mind is holding. It is different to be a mind without a body but it is not necessarily better. After a time in those spirit worlds most discarnate minds come back into another physical body in order to work on the lessons we need to learn, to undo the errors in thought which made this illusory universe in which we dream we are separate from God and each other. In talking about Jesus the Course identifies him this way:  "The man was an illusion, for he seemed to be a separate being, walking by himself, within a body that appeared to hold his self from Self, as all illusions do." He dispelled that illusion by identifying himself with the Christ mind and we have to do the same. All of our lessons go to this goal. "The name of Jesus is the name of one who was a man but saw the face of Christ in all his brothers and remembered God. So he became identified with Christ, a man no longer, but at one with God."  We are all on the trail of the Christ, whether in the illusion of the physical world or the illusion of the spirit world. The reality we are awakening into is the Christ Mind. In Truth we are all a hologram of the Christ Mind. We are all One Mind. The so-called "soul" is not eternally real. It is just a pattern of karma we have, a curriculum of lessons, to dispel the error of thought that gives us the illusion of separateness, and yes, of individuality. God has One Son, and we, as minds, are all a part of that Sonship. The Son is dreaming now. He is in a little nightmare of thought, brought about by a tiny mad idea that He could be something different from His Father....something different, like an independent observer, outside of the Whole, outside of the Will of God. Being a part of the Sonship we share that dream and are waking up by doing our lessons. The Holy Spirit is here in the dream to help us both with our lessons and with awakening. As we awaken fully we give up all little illusions of soul identity, and merge back into the Ocean of God, not to be extinguished. The single drop is not lost in the Ocean. The fullness of the Ocean enters into the drop. Just as surely, every loving thought and deed we have done within the dream of separateness has been perfectly remembered within the Mind of God, for we have share those thoughts with Him. Everything that has been "real" within our countless lives has been perfectly remembered in the Mind of God. Is that not a better picture of eternity than trillions of souls existing forever in some sort of eternal church meeting, or roasting in hell? What is not true cannot be made true. "Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God."

Our Dear Brother, Ken Wapnick goes Home

It is my sad news to report that Dr. Kenneth Wapnick, the teacher of A Course in Miracles since its beginning, has passed over. His foundation gave this message: ” It is with the utmost sorrow that we inform you of the death of Dr. Kenneth Wapnick on Friday December 27, 2013. He died peacefully at home with his beloved wife Gloria and family at his side. The family will have a private service and plans are being made for a forthcoming public memorial.

“There is no death. The Son of God is free.” (W-pI.163)
“Teach not that I died in vain. Teach rather that I did not die by demonstrating that I live in you.” (T-11.VI.7:3-4)

Ken was my dearest friend, and definitely my mentor in ACIM. All of the articles I have posted on FB about ACIM were given to Ken first for his comments. We never had any significant disagreements. Ken was a Ph.D in Clinical Psychology and a fine theologian as well. His many books and videos survive him. He fulfilled the job Jesus laid out for him and he is receiving, I am sure, thanks, gratitude, and good reviews for his life by the angels.

For me, it is a great personal loss. Ken was my fan as well as my mentor. Part of Ken’s journey into Spirituality came from his love of opera. Over the years I sent him many arias, scenes and operas that I performed and he was always a heart-felt fan. I always knew that I could share anything with him and get his honest answer.

We will not dispute the higher decision to call Ken Home now, but we inevitably wonder about the future of ACIM without Ken. Ken, there with Helen from the beginning, was appointed by Jesus to be the teacher of the Course. He held the ship steady even while ACIM was splintering into schisms at an alarming rate, matching even Christianity’s early splintering into sects, which continues to this day. Thankfully Judy Skutch remains at the helm of The Foundation for Inner Peace.

Thank you, my dear, dear, dear friend and brother Ken I love you and I so thank you for all you gave me in this life. You lived a Christ-like life and touched us all. Fly high dear friend. I will see you again one day. ♥♥♥♥


Spirit to Spirit Communication

My paternal grandmother had some gifting in healing. She was an Ozark country woman with nine children to raise in the great depression. Her husband was a farmer and an itinerant Baptist preacher. He was a gentle soul with a beautiful silvery voice. She was a boisterous, take-charge, drill Sergeant of a mother, but if any people in their area of the woods had problems, they would go to Minnie Shore. She was especially good at witching off warts with some sort of knowledge her Beck clan had passed down to her. I don’t think there was any doubt but that she had some spiritual gifting, underdeveloped as it might have been. I did not get to know her well. She and Vernon (the preacher) moved to California when I was a small boy. Had I been around her she surely would have seen my own gifting and come along side me. I needed that desperately, but it was not to happen. Fast forward to my life in seminary preparing to be a theologian. Vernon was happy that I was getting the theological education that he never did. Our family went to California on a visit when I was still in seminary. Something took place between my grandfather and me that was quite precious. I could see that he was going to die shortly. As we left, I said to him, “I’ll be seeing you.” There was more than words in that sentence. His eyes popped open wide and he smiled real big as he said, “Yeah, I’ll be seeing you.” We had made a spirit to spirit communication. I never saw him again, but in that exchange we remembered ourselves as spirits who come and go, often in groups together and that gave us a much bigger theology than the Baptists were aware of♥

You know the story from here: While in seminary I heard an inner voice telling me to leave seminary and become an opera singer, something for which I had no training at the time. By faith I left seminary, got a job, and when I wasn’t working I was listening to opera. I had all of my theology books in my little apartment covering three walls. I went to the kitchen to feed my cat and when I came back to the living room, the biggest book in my library–about 18″X18″–was sitting on the floor, opened up. It was certainly not there when I left the room. As I looked at it, a picture of my grandmother Minnie came to my mind and I heard a voice in my head say, “Regardless of what you do, don’t forget what you have learned here.” That was the first time I was aware of a spirit contacting me to give a message. What she advised, though, was amazing because I had not learned that “old time religion” in seminary. I had learned to be a scientist who analyzed the Bible with critical methodology. I did not forget what I had learned. I became an opera singer but I kept digging for my Truth. It led me out of traditional Christianity and into a form of Spiritualism that respects all paths up the mountain. My grandmother had indeed come along side me to help. I so look forward to seeing her and Vernon again♥♥♥♥♥

Beautiful Construction

Our lives are constructed so that we keep running into people who will shape our lives. When I was a high school student, I knew nothing about opera. But every Christmas we would get a Goodyear Christmas album with the great opera singers of the day singing Christmas songs. I so looked forward to that every year. There was something about those great voices that hooked something very deep in me. After high school I went to Southwest Baptist University. I thought I wanted to major in music but I was discouraged by a teacher who thought I had no talent, so I majored in theology with a double major in speech/drama. The best singer on the faculty of the Music Department was a bass named Ted Harris. The year that I entered school Mr. Harris was rehearsing for a performance he was going to sing with Jerome Hines, the famous Metropolitan Opera bass. I just sat down in the hall outside Mr. Harris’ door and listened to those incredible sounds coming out of him. I think that was the first time I heard the name Jerome Hines. Skip forward, I was in seminary and one of my dorm buddies was an opera buff who played opera morning, noon, and night in the dorm. I listened with him to all the great singers, especially to Jerome Hines. I found it interesting that he would go into skid row and work in a soup kitchen or sing for the homeless men who came.

While I was in seminary I sang in the oratorio chorus. A beginning sort of voice was coming out of me. In order to earn a little money I got a job as the music director of a small Baptist church in rural Kentucky. During my time there, the area churches had a singing contest. I entered and sang “The Holy City,” and won. The pastor of the church I served said, “Wow I should call my friend Jerome Hines about you.” There was that name again.

My opera buddy wanted to go down to Memphis over the weekend to see their production of Boris Godounov starring….you guessed it, Jerome Hines. We got front row seats. I wanted to watch how he worked on stage. Hines was astounding. Unfortunately, the others singers were local talents who could not compete at that level. Backstage Hines was a little miffed at the production, saying, “This company is not ready to produce Hansel and Gretel, let alone Boris.” We went backstage to see him. He was warm and gracious and I was star struck. I transferred seminaries after a year to Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Kansas City Missouri. Who should come into the area fro a community concert but Jerome Hines. I went with my old college teacher, Ted Harris, to watch Hines. He was magnificent as always…but he never remembered me from any of these visits. You know the story from here. I heard an internal voice that told me to leave seminary and become an opera singer. I won the Metropolitan Opera National Auditions and moved to New York. One of the first things I did in New York was to arrange for an audition with Jerome Hines of the Metropolitan Opera. Now in 1975 I was going to get to sing for him. I was to go over to New Jersey to audition directly for Hines himself. In those days I was not really nervous. I was excited and ready to go. My voice could do anything and I could pound on it for hours, if necessary, and it would still be fine for the next outing. I prepared my benchmark arias that had won the Met auditions for me and took a train, then a bus, to the New Jersey audition site. It was a small room to sing in. Hines was seated only a few feet from me. Still, I went eagerly to the task and sang Macbeth’s last act aria, “Pieta, rispetto, amore,” which had won for me the Midwestern Finals of the Met Auditions, interpolating a long, sustained, high A flat at the end. Hines was visibly impressed and began talking about his recording of Macbeth with Leonard Warren. He was warm and cordial but every bit the opera star that I expected him to be.

He talked several minutes about great baritones he had known and how favorably my voice compared. I could not have asked for a more favorable review from one I idolized so. I got the part and began preparing the role. The baritone I was replacing, Calvin Marsh, was a Met baritone with a huge voice, beautiful color, commanding range, and a veteran. He was a tough act to follow. My voice was much different than his, darker, almost a bass-baritone compared to his, yet more lyrical because of youth. My old college teacher, Ted Harris, was to sing the bass part of the villain, Eliakim, one of the chief priests (a fictitious character), who conspires with Judas to capture Jesus. I was going to get to see two dreams come true, to sing with my teacher and my idol.

Over the years I continued with the Hines company. Jerry and I became close friends and he became my mentor in opera. The last time I sang with him, he was 75 and still had a strong voice. In his last years he would call me up and talk about singing. He wanted an assurance that he had made a mark with his life’s work. Really, that is all that any of us want, just to know that we have helped others in our lives. How many people did Jerome Hines affect? He was set in place in my life, that is for sure, and I love him for being there♥♥♥♥♥

The stream of ages flows

The stream of ages flows and in it is all that is of love. You and I are one bubble in that stream. Could we but see the world truly, the flow is all we would see. All love is the same. In every place and in every one you have experienced it, it is part of that stream of ages. I sit here now with my companion, Blanche, and we are one love in two silly bodies. The flow comes into and through the heart. Here we live and move and have our very being. We are Love’s Presence:) We are the magnificent radiance of God!♥♥♥ Could we but know that and stay in the flow, the world we think we see would disappear and all separations removed. Love is and we are its manifestations. We are the bubbles in the stream and the rocks over which it flows. We are source and the end. We Love therefore we are, not as separate bodies, but as One. We are the breath of the wind through the trees; we are the cat’s purr; we are the happiness of two becoming one; we are the birds that fly through the air and the fish that swim through the creeks; we are the Love that holds all things together as One; and we are here NOW, not in time, but in this moment of Love realized and fear vanquished. We are the tears that stream down our faces; we are the arms that embrace us; we are Love’s Presence, and there is nothing to do. No ambitions can stand in Love’s Presence. Consciousness itself cannot stand in Love’s Presence. From deep within the unconscious flow of the stream of ages, I know that I Love you.♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

We stand here today, in Love’s Presence

We stand here today, in Love’s Presence, in higher dimensions, because of the beauty and peace our brothers have laid. We stand on shoulders so strong and can see the distant land so clearly because of those who came before us and cared. They raised us up and now we must do our part. We must find new levels of inspiration to lift up our brothers and sisters, to stand on one plane together. At Heaven’s Gate there is a plane for us to share. Just one tiny footstep it is into the Ocean of God. The tiniest film, no thicker than a soap bubble, stands between us there and the Fullness of the Father. We are here thanks to our brothers and sisters who came before us and paved the way with their honesty and truth. They saw the promised land, and they shall not fail to enter into it with all of us. God’s children– humans, animals, flowers, rocks and trees, every grain of sand–are all going back into the Father from which they appeared to emanate. In Truth, we have never left Heaven. We traveled but in dreams while safe at Home. And God’s Son has always been One and with His Father still. Rejoice! The Light of remembrance has come! Lift up your heads for God’s Son returns to His Father!♥♥♥♥♥

A change has come over me

A change has come over me as I have prepared this whole year to re-visit John of God. I live now in the presence of God. I still walk through this world but I sense only God’s Presence. I had a vision a few months ago in which I found myself at the top of all dimensions, in a space that was not a space, and I was right next to the Ocean of God. The only thing that separated me was the thinnest film, no thicker than a soap bubble. I knew that I could walk through it and into that ocean any time I wanted to. That thin soap bubble represents the tiny little illusion that we have made with the tiny mad idea that we could break off from God and observe the Whole. It was an absurd idea. It has not changed God one bit, nor could this Ocean of Love ever be “angry” at us. There is nothing but eternal Love in that Ocean which is our true and only home. But our tiny mad idea has created this soap bubble of separation, which is an illusion as mad as the tiny mad idea itself. We are in that Ocean right now, you and I, and you, and you, and you over there, you the skeptic, and you the unbeliever, you the Catholic, you the Baptist, you the Hindu, Buddhist, you the Islamic, you who are angry and you who know something of Love. We are all there as one, not as EGO’s, thank God, or we would have to suffer evil and good for eternity, but as spirit, ONE Spirit. ACIM calls this One Spirit, the Son of God. Jesus is a part of that Son, but so are you and I and every sensory byte of information in this illusory universe. Let go of all your little hates today and just see the Love that is in all things. Stay up in the Love and sooner than you imagine, the universe will disappear and we will find ourselves in the Ocean of God. That Ocean is unconscious eternal Love and it is an Ocean which has no shore, nor an end. Don’t be afraid to give up the little conscious “you.” Every loving thought, every loving deed you have done, has been perfectly remembered in the Mind of God. None of your unloving thoughts and deeds have been remembered because they were all unreal. Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God.”

Happiness is a sign that Love’s Presence has been felt

Happiness is a sign that Love’s Presence has been felt. Blockages have been removed and Love’s Presence has come into awareness. In this dualistic world people search for happiness in all sorts of unproductive ways: acquisition of stuff, money, fame, other people, and none of these things work to bring happiness. You would have to find something that has no opposite to become happy, wouldn’t you? Everything that has an opposite is temporary and subject to change. Now I could step forward and tell you that real Love is that which has no opposite because it is eternal and carries God’s nature, but will that help you to experience it? Probably not. But let’s say for the moment that we can agree that if you found this Love which is all encompassing and has no opposite you would also be happy. So happiness is no longer the issue. Love is the issue, but not as the world knows it. That is attachment and subject to time and change. So then you would surely ask me how you can find this Love and I would tell you that you must look inside you. That may mean nothing to you. You may think I mean for you to examine the body! I could step forward then and ask you if you have ever seen behind your eyeballs, or bitten your own teeth? You would think I am either mad or obscure and you would walk out the door. But as you leave you will see very beautiful trees with just a whisper of wind in their top branches. You would see my garden where bees frolic among the flowers and earthworms trundle through the soil. You would smell the fragrance of the flowers. The chatter of your mind would stop and you would be still. In that stillness there are no blockages to the awareness of Love’s Presence. You would feel yourself to be a part of some whole. You would soon see that you are not a body, and just as quickly you would sense yourself to be the immensity of my garden. The branches of the trees are a part of you. The flowers, the bees, the worms, are all a part of you. And just so you will really get it, a hummingbird glides in and hovers right in front of you. He hovers and waits until you finally feel this experience as Love’s Presence and your eternal Self. Now the whole experience of the whole has given you the experience of Love which has no opposite. It does not come from doing anything. It is your natural inheritance, while all along you thought you were a body full of mostly water! You will laugh now at the silly idea that you could somehow be limited! You will sense your immensity and within that is true happiness. It will follow you wherever you go. People will ask you what is different about you. They will ask you to be their guru. You just smile and bless them. They will find their own immensity in time. But now you know that happiness was never the issue of your search. You needed to know who you ARE. That’s all that matters, just to know who you ARE. Until you get it, life’s lessons will continue, as long as you need them. They were made for you.♥♥♥♥

This beautiful magical day of the eclipse

This beautiful magical day of the eclipse I went to Burnaby Lake to see The Beloved. The Beloved is the Divine Presence in all things. The Beloved is the Divine One that manifests all things. She is the Divine passion. She is the True One, and she will show herself to you if you care enough to quiet your mind. Bring the mind to stillness. She will come. Today the energy of the Lake is full. Beauty still exists in the flowers and leaves even though winter approaches. It is as though The Beloved is holding up her beauty for all to see as long as possible before the long winter sleep. The ducks frolicked today as though it were summer, and yet the darkness in the photos shows the approach of winter. As you look at the pictures, be open to see the divine.

The most magical creature in the marsh is the Blue Heron. Today he sat in Eagle Creek, which feeds into Burnaby Lake, for a long photo shoot, just for me. The Beloved is so kind to me. She knows how I love the Blue Heron. The cycle of life was on display today. Salmon have made their way from the ocean, up through the Brunette River, over the Dam, into Burnaby Lake, and back into Eagle Creek so they can spawn in exactly the same place where they hatched. I saw them coming back from Eagle Creek, spawned out, ready to die in Burnaby Lake. The Blue Heron was feasting on dying Salmon. Tonight the Black Bears will be out in force, along with the Minks, to dine all night on Salmon. The beauty of the cycle was so moving, it brought me to tears, not for sadness but for joy and beauty of the way The Beloved has manifested Her nature. I am part of that manifestation. The immensity of The Beloved is mine as well. I am a part of Her and she is more than a mother to me, more than a lover. She is the beauty that comes with the dawn and shines through the twilight. She is the glory of the night, in whose beauty she walks. She is the song of the birds which delight my heart. She is the Blue Heron who came today, not just for his Salmon, but for my heart. The beauty of this place owes itself to my heart. The Beloved is in all things because The Beloved is in me, and in her is my heart full, and Love stands still in a marsh that knows no time. Only in eternity is such Love found. I have found The Beloved in me…and I am Home for all ages…at Burnaby Lake♥♥Namaste dear ones.♥♥♥

Our Deepest Fear

Our deepest fear, buried under the deepest level of repression, is that love will fail us in some way! We do not yet firmly realize that nothing real can be threatened. We still carry around this haunting, debilitating fear that either we are inherently unlovable or that love will suddenly turn on us and become hate. This fear is the biggest gun in the arsenal of the ego and at some time our repression mechanism will indeed fail us and we will have to confront this, the deepest of all our fears. That one person you love more than anyone else in the world will be the subject of the ego’s next little story it tries to create in your mind. S/he will fail you in this story. S/he will turn on you and say she/he never really loved you, or worse yet, that you are too old, too fat, too ugly, too this or that to merit her/his love. And in this story you will be devastated, left with nothing to hold on to and no future to look forward to. We still do not realize that we help to create this holographic reality by entertaining this, the worst of all stories. We will play out various ends to the story a hundred times, see ourselves homeless, destitute and loveless, or see our suicide which we will commit as one last act of anger against such lovelessness. You will see yourself asking a thousand times, “Why didn’t s/he love me? I loved her/him so deeply. How could she/he fail me? How could God fail me?” That is the deepest pit in this fear, the belief that God is not enough. In your story you will suffer without God’s intervention. God is powerless to change your story! Is this not the deepest despair? That is where the ego wants to take us and that is where we cannot go. As any soul who has done it will tell you, suicide will not change things. You will just be a despairing soul without a body. The ego believes there is no way out of this despair except to change the “other” person. “Make her/him love me, God! Change her/him!” And you really know that the “other” person is not going to change! She is NOT going to change her mind and marry you! He is NOT going to come back and tell you he loves you!! We have set up the story too well!!! At some point–take as long as you like–we are going to have to surrender our despair! We are going to have to trust God again!! We are going to have to hear the music and ignore the little stories!! We CAN create a world based on love instead of fear! We can! Love is our natural inheritance. We can find the way!! Though the path be dark, because we have tried to extinguish the light, we can find the way. And as we do, look to your left and right and see you are not alone. We are all on this journey together. We have all lived in the same world of fear. In our minds, love has let us all down a thousand times and made fools of our passion. To me, the first step in turning on the lights, is to have compassion for our brothers and sisters in this journey with us. In this journey, someone you may not know well, will say to you, “I love you.” It will surprise the hell out of you and you will react with fear. You will come up with a thousand things to say to make him/her go away. Let me hand out one little piece of advice. When someone says, “I love you” to you, you might want to give them the benefit of the doubt. Precious few people will say those words to you in this life!! Don’t jump into a lecture about how s/he is simply obsessed or needy or experiencing attachment! You might just say a simple “thank you” and smile, and if the spirit leads you to, you might even want to know that person a little better. This is a good first step out of the hologram of fear that we recreate daily. S/he might indeed really love you! Wouldn’t that spoil your story?

A Grand Process

We all know how potent evil seems. If you dare to call it unreal, it just may kick you in the butt. That bus coming towards you is unreal too (just a hologram) but it will still flatten you as flat as a flitter if you walk out in front of it. Every plane of existence seems to have its own rules. You can fly in the Astral Plane but if you try to fly here….well, you will only try once. It may be comforting to know that evil only shows up on the earth plane and the lower Astral. In all higher planes it is unknown; it does not exist. Many esoterics claim that there are seven planes before we merge into the One…into the Ocean of God, where all individuality merges with the Divine and where only unconditional Love and Truth exists. Maybe it is seven or maybe 70. What we know is that we are on a journey back into God…not the god of the Bible who is a person, but the real God who is spirit and knows only all-encompassing unconditional Love that is changeless and eternal. We are a part of Her (:) I just love calling ‘him’ Her) We are a chip off the old block, a part of the Divine Mind, Spirit, Light and Truth. We took a little detour into fear and miscreated this fake universe and split everything into opposites, including ourselves. Now we are awakening to the Truth of who we are. We are climbing Jacob’s Ladder, ascending upwards through the various planes which correspond to various stages of awakening. This low level of the earth plane is our self-constructed theatre where we learn our lessons by overcoming. It is a Grand Process. It is Divine, and that includes you and me, and every poor soul on the earth and Astral plane who believes they are evil or can control others through magic. They are just lost in illusions and are acting out. Look upwards beloved brothers and sisters! The Light of God is streaming down on to you this day, even as you are embroiled in a situation that seems to have you fighting for your life. Be not overcome by evil but overcome evil with Good, the Good that is beyond the little category we have socially made of good and evil; the GOOD that is your true awakened Self, spirit, not a body; Loving not conflicted; eternal not dying and being reborn. We are the radiance, the glow, the Light of God. Just knowing that will lift you up today. Selah!!!

Joining with your non-human brother.

Joining with your non-human brother.

“The Holy Spirit’s function is to take the broken picture of the Son of God and put the pieces into place again. This holy picture, healed entirely, does He hold out to every separate piece that thinks it is a picture in itself. To each he offers his Identity, Which the whole picture represents, instead of just a little, broken bit that he insisted was himself. And when he sees this picture he will recognise himself. If you share not your brother’s evil dream, this is the picture that the miracle will place within the little gap, left clean of all the seeds of sickness and of sin. And here the Father will receive His Son, because His Son was gracious to himself.

“I thank You, Father, knowing You will come to close each little gap that lies between the broken pieces of Your holy Son. Your holiness, complete and perfect, lies in every one of them. And they are joined because what is in one is in them all. How holy is the smallest grain of sand, when it is recognised as being part of the completed picture of God’s Son! The forms the broken pieces seem to take mean nothing. For the whole is in each one. And every aspect of the Son of God is just the same as every other part.” (T28.IV)

The Course is very clear that every piece of sensory data in the universe is a part of the Sonship. When the Son dreamed his dream of separation, believed the ego’s version of the event, He ran out of his mind and projected a universe in which to hide from His Father. In doing so, he split into billions and zillions of pieces. This passage above is very clear that each piece, regardless of the form it takes, is a hologram of the whole. “How holy is the smallest grain of sand, when it is recognised as being part of the completed picture of God’s Son! The forms the broken pieces seem to take mean nothing. For the whole is in each one. And every aspect of the Son of God is just the same as every other part.” (T28.IV)

There are many implications to that. We know that God’s function for us is to be a light in the world by offering forgiveness. Those who are into the Course know very well how to forgive their brother who is a human. But how do we forgive each grain of sand, each speck of stardust, each animal, each tree, or each river,etc.? As we forgive more and more of our human brothers, we begin to see what the Course calls, “The Real World.” This is the view of the world which the Holy Spirit gives to you in place of the sinful, guilty world you knew before forgiveness. The Real World shows you a reflection of Heaven. In this Real World you can see that God is in all things: every blade of grass, every worm, every cat and dog, every river, every mountain. You won’t want to abuse nature anymore. You won’t look on animals as being lower to humans. You will see God’s reflection in everything. It will not take you seven years, sitting on the bank of the Ganges to reach this high. Where you are now is the Mecca, the Ganges, the New Jerusalem. There is no need to go anywhere!

Now surely when you see God’s reflection in all things you will treat the world differently! You will reflect God’s love for each separate part of God’s Son: God’s cat, God’s dog, God’s whole animal kingdom, God’s whole nature, God’s stars and universe. Think how your attitudes and actions will change. Minds awaken to God’s compassion for all things. What a new world is waiting for us with just a change of perception. Love an animal more today. Hug a tree. Luck at a beautiful duck and say ‘thank you.’ See the immense sky and know you are a part of it. How happy God will be to see that His Son, lost in dreams, is now awakening.

Baby and I

Forgiving our Faults

Forgiving our Faults

Very few of us can totally embody all of the truth that comes to us in life. The body was not made to hold truth. When truth comes to you, you feel responsible to speak for it even if you cannot fully actualize it in your life. That sets up an insecure state of mind. You become afraid that people will think you are a fake and judge you accordingly. Often people set up holy images of themselves in public according to what they think they SHOULD embody. Eventually the image breaks and the person’s life is publicly damaged, like big-haired preachers caught in a love sting! They tearfully repent in public and thereafter accept a lesser role for themselves. This is all unnecessary. We can and should admit to one another that we are not the embodiment of all the truth that has come to us in life. Truth is eternal and changeless. The body is temporal and subject to change and apparent death. We must learn to forgive our brothers. But it is just as important to learn to forgive ourselves. We all think we are a body. We all think we are separate from one another and God. If we no longer believed that we would not be here. The universe would disappear, as one day it will. But for now we think we are egos, housed in bags of flesh, subject to change, error, bad judgment and death. I am just learning to go easy on myself. I cannot infallibly embody all the truth that has come to me. I still believe I am an ego. I have been given many gifts in this life. If you judge me you may think you could have made more of them than I did. I am just learning not to judge myself that way. Many of you may practice the spiritual system called A Course in Miracles. You make know the story of Helen Schucman receiving and scribing this system from Jesus. You might make a judgment that Helen was therefore, an embodied actualization of the principles in A Course in Miracles. After all, her mind was in contact with Jesus. But the truth is that Helen considered herself an atheist and was in terrible conflict with A Course in Miracles. She could not embody it. In her last years she was terribly depressed. But that does not diminish the work she did in taking down the Course. We need to give each other a break. We will if we learn love. If we keep our eyes on Jesus we will be less prone to making hero idols out of our brothers. All idols must fall. Think how difficult it must be for your brother when you view him as a holy ego who embodies something you value. Instead of putting him on a pedestal, can you not see him as connected to you, as part of the One Mind you both share?

Let me tell you a little story that will illustrate what I have been trying to say. While I was a student at one of my higher education institutions, I had classes with a professor of theology who was beloved by all. We idolized him. We considered him the embodiment of truth. But then tragedy struck his house and one of his family members was killed. He did not properly grieve. Perhaps he didn’t feel he had permission to grieve. A few years later, this wonderful professor began to act in ways totally out of character for him. The school was shocked to hear that he was luring female students to his office to have sex with them. At first the school tried to ignore it. But he made his behavior such a campaign to lure in all the girls he could that it could not be ignored. But school officials acted out of love rather than judgment. They recognized that his unreleased grief was impelling him to act in destructive ways. He was released from his teaching but they got him psychological help and help for the girls he abused. In a few years he was stable again and was teaching theology in another institution. It would have been easy to have judged him, thrown him out, black-balled him and ruined the rest of his life. What prevented that from happening was the love the school felt for him, and they felt love for him just as he had given so much love to everyone over the years. Our mistakes do not define us.

I cannot yet embody all the truth that has come to me. Forgive me please.

Learning from Others

For some reason—I shall have to discover why–I closed my third eye last night. I awoke feeling empty, like an unpacked suitcase. I had no purpose. I was shut off from creating. It felt like I had been kicked out of the Kingdom of God. (Some of my Baptist friends would argue that anyway ) For a medium to be unable to see into spirit felt like a strange form of death…no angels talking to me, no sight of them, no glorious music playing in my head. I was a dead piece of meat! At least that is how it felt. Horrified I quickly re-opened it and my spirit world came right gloriously back. My third eye has been open a long, long, time….since I was a boy! So this experience gave me some insights into others. Maybe that’s why I did it, to find more compassion for others. People often come to me to work on their chakras and/or life problems associated with closed or damaged chakras. I recall one girl who came to me for one problem—she was always choosing men who would reject her–and we found the reason was that as a child she had been abused by her father and had shut down her Crown chakra. Since that cut her off from all divine information, her third eye and throat chakra were also closed, and the heart chakra showed damage. The sacral and the solar plexus chakras were also closed. I got a sense of how she felt of course. I can feel as well as see people. But I don’t think I got it until today how lost she felt and how bound she was to the material world. She did not know any spirit world existed for she was not a part of it. We did some talk therapy and then I opened all her chakras. She was beginning to fire on all cylinders when she left me to go back to the States. But she backslid. It was too much a change. She closed down her crown chakra and third eye again and lives now only in the material world. I have learned from that experience to advise people to come back to me in a couple of days over a week to ten days, so we can gradually teach them new feelings of living in a new world. Today, I understood more of what she feels like. I will work harder and better on those who come to me now. Namaste!

I Am Blessed As A Part of God

When you first look at the state of the world and of mankind you cannot see anything Holy in it. Nothing in it is of God. The Divine Spiritual Universe which God created in which to extend His Love, seems infinitely far away. But I have looked on the world again and seen in it a reflection of Heaven. I thank it and bless it for showing the world of Heaven to my forgetful mind. It has taken me some time to acquire this vision and I will not let it go. I may seem like an elitist intellectual to some, but I came by it the very hard way.

I was born and raised in the Ozarks of Missouri. My family were hill people, country people and clannish. We visited relatives weekly. Some of their houses had only a sub floor and wooden frame house. An old out house stood in the back yard and a pump brought in water to the house. As a child I was terrified of this poverty and ignorance, for they both went together. Most of the family had very limited education. My grandfather had gotten to the eighth grade. Most had not gotten that far. The rules of a clan are always tight: “You can’t be different from us. You have to be just like us.” As a child this terrified me. It was a sentence they were pronouncing on me, that I, too, would never be different. I could not see anything good in their world of poverty and religion, for though they had little of much they possessed the old time religion with excess. Grandpa Shore was a Baptist preacher and the unspoken head of the clan. We went to church whenever the doors were opened. Their world of religion terrified me as much as their world of poverty and ignorance. I sought escape in school. I became a good student and believed education was my ticket out of the hills. I became the first member of my family to have a college education. I had to develop the logical mind, although that meant it took me a while to understand and develop the spiritual gifting I had received. I journeyed a long way from the Ozark hills to sing at the Metropolitan Opera, sing for Senators, Congressmen and diplomats. I even sang to the full Soviet mission to the U.N. at a time when the cold war was still raging. I journeyed a long way from the Baptists to discover that I had mediumistic abilities. I have spent a long time now, forgiving the earth for the shortcomings I projected upon it. And though I still hate poverty and ignorance I no longer hate the poor and the ignorant. The earth looks different now. She shines as a reflection of Heaven, now so close I know I can walk into it at any time. Now I know that my mind is a part of God’s. I am very holy, along with you and every other person, plant or animal. My holiness envelops everything I see. My holiness blesses the world. There is nothing my holiness cannot do. My holiness is my salvation. I am blessed as a part of God, and Heaven’s gate is but a small step away.

Our relationship with nature

Our relationship with nature has gone through quite an evolution…at least for some. We have come from Sportsmen, to Naturalists, to Spiritualists. The Sportsmen looks on nature with the Christian view of the Bible in mind. To them God made all the animals for our benefit. They are ours to eat. The Sportsman gets a lot of pleasure out of feeling he is at the top of the food chain. The professional bass angler pulls up that big bass and says “thank you Lord.” To him, the bass is something to play with and eat. The Naturalist looks on the natural world as full of interest and knowledge. He is interested in observing how the bass evolved and how it lives in its eco-structure. The Spiritualist knows the quantum reality. The bass and I are One! He looks on nature as divine and every animal in it is God in disguise. He knows the animals are his brothers, no less than his humankind. He doesn’t see himself at the top of any food chain with rights possessed only by him! He sees himself as part of the Immensity which includes nature. This immensity is the Divine. It is all-encompassing Love manifesting as nature. You may call this God as long as you don’t mean the god of the Bible who is a person and purports to create separate things. This God is the Tao, the Pleroma, The Beloved, manifesting as the billions of sensory data within a multiverse. And the Beloved is your One True Self. The fish are your brothers. The deer, the horses, the dogs, the wolves, the cows, pigs, sheep…they are all part of One Self that we share. In the deepest sense they are a part of You. Now, instead of heading down to the lake with the intention of tricking fish into biting a hook, go to the lake to visit with your larger Self. Open you heart to see the Divine everywhere. Let nature charm you and change you. You only need to pierce the veil once and see The Beloved for your life to be forever changed.


A Bit More About Angels…

A bit more about angels……..Angels are active symbols of God’s Love. An active symbol participates in the reality it symbolizes. As such, angels are active within the mind of the sonship. They work with our mind to unlearn illusions and remember the Love that we are in truth. If you put form to an angel, feathers, wings, or whatever, that form is just as illusory as any other byte of sensory data in this dream universe. I have just today been brought into contact with the primary angel whose message I have been channeling on facebook for the last two years. She is an angel of Peace and she worked very hard in Fatima. I have felt and known her in my love of nature and particularly in my love of Burnaby Lake. She IS “The Beloved” that I have felt so strongly there and written about here with passion. I am so blessed by Her and so grateful that she has graced me with Her Presence and her Truth. When I have talked about Love’s Presence, it is HER presence I have felt. And yet she points to God’s Love as the only reality. She has no personal reality of her own. There is no competition nor individuality among angels. If you give them different forms in your mind, you are creating distinctions that are not real. Making angelology real is as false as any other illusion. Her message has taken over my life. Only God’s Love is real and it has no opposite. It is all encompassing. Therefore there is no place outside of the Whole. There is no observer. There is no consciousness in Truth. Consciousness is the dream of separation, that we could somehow be different from our Father. The Beloved comes to me with that Truth as I am in nature. I do not see the ducks and geese as separate entities. I see them as part of my larger Self, along with the Lake and the moonlight that shines on it. It is The Beloved that I see in everything and when I see Her, I know Her and feel only Love. That is why God does not and cannot know about this dream world we are in. Were He to know about it, it would become real, and that it never can be. God knows that His Son is dreaming but He cannot know the dream, for it is unreal. But His angels are taught by the Holy Spirit and see our illusions a little while so they might lead us out of them. They work with the principle of Atonement and thus are under Jesus, the Head of the Atonement. Atonement is not “at-one-ment” as is often said. It is the “undoing” of illusions, the awareness of Love’s Presence by the removal of obstacles we have miscreated in our fear. Today I am thankful that THE BELOVED has made herself known to me so grandly and lovingly. Thank you my Beloved Angel. Thank you Father. Your son remembers a little more of you today and in the distance I can almost see Home. Selah!!

The Body Was Not Made BY Love But Love Does Not Condemn It

ACIM 18:VII:52
“The body was NOT made by love. But love does not condemn it, and can use it lovingly, respecting what the Son of God has made, and using it to SAVE him from illusions.”

I want to look at this wonderful passage from A Course In Miracles. Dr. Kenneth Wapnick’s Magnum Opus is entitled, Love Does Not Condemn, and is a thoroughly scholarly, but readable, examination of The Course.
“The body was not made by love…” This is a clear reference to the Course’s teaching that God did not create this world (or the body). WE did, not as individuals, but as One Mind, the Son of God dreaming his nightmare of separation, in guilt and fear of His Father. The Course is the ultimate statement of Advaita. The Son is not playing here in this world. He did not come here to extend God’s love. He is in a dream of separation and fears Himself guilty, sinful and on the lamb from a vengeful God, just as the Bible says about you and me. “All have sinned and come short of the glory of God.” “The soul that sinneth, it shall die.”

The body was made as a place God could enter not. Love did not make it. God the Father knows nothing of this world. He knows His Son is asleep but He cannot know the content of the dream. Were He to do so, it would make the dream real, and that it never can be! God only knows all encompassing Love which is also Truth and Knowledge. He has no perception. Perception belongs to the man made world of duality.
“…But Love does not condemn it…” The Holy Spirit, the active memory of the Son’s true identity, came with Him into the dream. He knows Heaven’s Truth and man’s illusions and thus can lead man out of them. With just a little willingness from us, the Holy Spirit can take our wrong-minded perception in which we are hiding from God in a body, and convert it to right-minded perception in which the little adventures of the body become lessons to awaken the split sons from their illusions. How grand is that! This is the atonement, the undoing of mistakes in thought, until the original mistake in thought, the belief in separation, can be unchosen, and Heaven’s memory returned to all the split sons. Selah♥♥

How to Read A Course In Miracles

How to read A Course In Miracles:
Most people will have some interest in the Course if they have bought the book. They will start reading the intro and chapter 1. By that time the ego has already felt a threat from the material. It will bring to the mind such thoughts as “Wow this is tough stuff. I just don’t have time for this.” Then the Course gets put into the book shelf and is not touched again, maybe for several years. The urge comes again to pick it up and maybe you flip through and read a little more. The ego threat gets greater and you set it back down again. This could go on for a lifetime.

What I would like to do here is to give you some help in how to read the Course, using my experience and the wisdom of my teacher, Tara Singh.
First, approach the Course with the kind of reverence and excitement you would for important moments of your life. If you have already learned to meditate, you might begin with a meditation and bring the mind to stillness. It is not necessary to meditate to learn the Course, but it can be helpful at first. Then read the introduction to the text only. Don’t think about it or try to analyze it. You won’t be able to. Next go to the back of the book to the Workbook for Students. The Course is the only spiritual system which helps you to use it. The Workbook is divided into one lesson per day for a year. Begin with lesson one. Do not try to understand or analyze the lesson. You won’t be able to. It will just feed your ego. Each lesson is designed to take you by the hand and slowly begin to undo all the mistakes you have made in thought. After a week or two of lessons you will find yourself less fearful and more interested in the text. Now go back to the text and read chapter 1. Again, don’t try to analyze it. Just read it. Now go back to the lessons and in another week or two you will want to go back to the text and read chapter 2. If you follow this plan, over the course of the year, you will be a very different person. The peace of God will be with you. As you progress in reading the lessons and the text you will find that God’s Peace is in every word. You approach the lessons and texts differently. First you invoke Peace and then you study the text, and the Peace will illuminate the text. Just one sentence studied this way can bring you to enlightenment, that is, a state of Knowledge that you are the Light and eternal. You ARE the Ganges River. You ARE the New Jerusalem, There is no need to go anywhere to get something. You are spirit, not a body. And you are the Radiance of God.

Joe at Johns-2

The Scandal of Eating!

The scandal of eating!!

“Eating” is a part of the scandalous nature of this 3rd dimensional dream world! Thank god it is not real. If it were, we would all be murderers. In this dream world nothing lives unless something else dies. We can be like the Buddhists and vow not to harm a sentient being and be vegetarians—and that is fine–but life still suffers for us in the vegetable world. EVERYTHING IS SENTIENT! We have made “practical” choices in this dimension. We will eat animals but we won’t eat our neighbor! Yet the difference is purely in our ego minds. In truth every animal, every plant, is our brother. We choose to eat some brothers and not others!!! What would happen if you went over to your neighbor’s house and knocked on his door and said, “We are having a dinner party tonight and I would really like to cook your liver with some nice fava beans and wine. Could I have your liver please?” That sounds pretty Monty Python but that is exactly what we do when we raise our pigs, chickens, cows, and sheep and then kill them to eat them!! Thank God it is all an illusion. We are just eating their illusory bodies, but that could also be said if we ate your neighbor!! The only way out of this cruel world is to see that it is unreal and awaken into spirit. We need to begin to look at eating the way we look at tragedies: “God did not make that plane crash, so it is not real.” “God did not make that horrible event, so it is not real.” “God did not make that chicken dinner, so it is not real.” We are all as God created us, One Spirit, part of Him, sharing His nature, spirit, not physical, all Loving, no opposite. But while we are here in this illusion, love your neighbor and all your brothers! 1♥

pigs et al

Miracles and Christmas

Miracles happen every day. This state of being is the place for miracles which are not needed in heaven. Miracles as big as our childhood beliefs in Santa Claus happen everyday. We know this deeply to be true, even if we choose to posture with an attitude of ingratitude. We know miracles happen all the time for we grow from them and marvel at what has been made manifest. Miracles spring from an attitude of miracle readiness. When you receive a miracle you know this is true. Sometimes miracles are small and sometimes they are huge, but in every case miracles change lives!♥ They change lives by moving us out of where we were stuck into a new space of liberation. Miracles are signs of God’s Love. We are made of that love. We receive miracles because we ARE miracles. We are the glorious effect of Love’s extension. We have given ourselves one day a year in which we realize that! Regardless of our lot in life, Christmas is our time to awaken to the miracle of Love’s Presence; and it IS present in our midst and all around us. It can be seen by those whose eyes are open to wonder, and felt by those who have torn down the barriers we made to the awareness of its presence. It is seen in the little children talking to Santa Claus at the mall. It is seen in that mother or father who worked a little longer so they could get their children presents. It is seen everywhere. There is no place where it is not. Even if you are old and alone, Love’s Presence is all around you. No one is ever alone at Christmas time♥ No one’s life is so insignificant that Love failed to touch it. That is what is meant when we say, “Nothing real can be threatened.” Tonight, I am so grateful, for nothing in particular but for everything in truth. I am aware of Love’s Presence and I would extend it to you, to each and every one of you on Facebook. We are children of this Light and we are almost Home. The Light of heaven shines brighter in anticipation of our return. Do not think of Heaven as a place we go when the body dies. Heaven is a state of being, and we enter it now, by miracles, through the Heart-gate of Love’s Presence. We are all here together in this swirl of spirit which is Love’s Presence. We are Santa Claus and his elves They came from our mind. And no child will go unloved this Christmas. No little animal will be cut off from the Love it needs. Love’s Presence is always there–though not always known. Let us awaken those around us to its presence. Love a child today and give thanks. Love a little dog or cat today and give thanks that Love is made manifest in so many forms. We are awakening my dear ones; tears stream down our faces as the presence of Love streams through the cracks and crags of the barriers we have made to hold it back. Merry Christmas to all♥♥


Your Christmas Gift

Orange and blue light now stream over the mountains and reflect off the houses. Twilight has come and brought peace to this planet. Twice a day, at dawn and at twilight, peace visits this planet. It is yours if you have the eyes to see it and the heart to feel it. We are never left without peace just as we are never left without the presence of God. We are in truth, the light that radiates from Her ( ). There is no way we could ever be separated from Her. She is the Beloved and she is in all things and upholds all things. The idea that man is separated from God is a lie, straight from the mouth of the Ego. Just so, none of your “sins” have hurt God. They carried no eternal effect because they were temporal mistakes in this dream world we call the universe. God knows nothing of forgiveness for S/He only sees you as S/He created you, spirit, like Her–not physical–and all-encompassing Love. Nothing you can do can change who you are as God created you. You are not a “worm” or a “wretch” precisely because God’s Grace cannot be defeated. “Nothing real can be threatened.” You need only to offer a little willingness to the Holy Spirit to become “miracle ready.” When the miracle comes, it will wipe away your perception of sins because it will erase the past and release you from anxiety over the future. The miracle takes place in “the Holy Instant,” the Holy Now, which is not a part of time. The miracle comes to wash away the stain of sins you believed separated you from God and merited Hell. There is a sparkling newness in this Grand Pause of the Holy Instant, an offering of potential to you, to step out of perception and see yourself as God created you. Let this be your Christmas gift to yourself…then extend it to others.


Will You Choose For Love Or Fear?

This confusion of mind that befuddles people is the biggest weapon in the Ego’s arsenal. There is really only one choice in life. Will you choose for Love or for fear? All other choices are based on that primal choice. If you choose fear you will be driven towards the dark side and trapped in this world of duality. Fear is not real. If you choose it, you will be stuck in illusions. Love is the only reality. It has no opposite because it is all encompassing. Love comes from God and God is Love without opposite. God does not know vengeance, punishment, or curses. The god of the Bible is not God! The god in the Bible is a psychological projection of the Ego. He makes snap decisions and then repents of them. He destroys the world by a flood because he says people are wicked. Having done so, he says, “Oops, I shouldn’t have done that. Here’s a nice rainbow for you to show I won’t do it again.” But we can’t trust him. He is the only god to have nuked his own people. He nukes Sodom and Gomorrah because they were just sooo wicked in his perception!! Talk about the original homophobe! But whatever they were doing did they deserve to be nuked for it!!!! The god of the Bible is an impish male ego with maturation problems. It is no wonder Jesus told his people, “You are of your father, a demon.” Jesus’ knowledge of God was not that God was a person as in the Hebrew Bible, but that God was a Wholeness, the Pleroma of Love’s Presence. He says in John’s lovely Gnostic Gospel, “I emanated out of the Father and I am going back into Him.” So the “Father” was not a person. The Hebrew God Yahweh had a body, a face and a butt. He told Moses, “No one can see my face and live, but stand behind the rock and as I pass by I will let you see my backside.” BACKSIDE???? Sounds like a butt to me!!! This personal god knew nothing of unconditional love. His love is attachment because he is a person. “If you do as I command, I will bless you. If you fail to do my commands, I will curse you.” That is a great picture of conditional love. But it is not a very nice picture. The Bible has been the great tool of the Ego for 2500 years, confusing the minds of all those who read it. Neither Judaism nor Christianity understand the God Jesus knew which is only all-encompassing Love. As confusing as it is, you still will have to choose for Love or for Fear. Different worlds arise from both; from Love arises the spiritual world of God; from Fear arises a dualistic world of constant struggle, wars and rumors of wars, and the constant question: “Where is God?” Choose well my friends….(hint: In the end, Love wins♥)

Python God

The Beloved and The Full Moon

I am so looking forward to the full moon, Tuesday for us. I will dress in my biggest parka and go to Burnaby Lake right at twilight to fulfill my promise to my duck and goose brothers. I promised them that in the cold of winter I would come and feed them and whisper thoughts of Spring and the return of life to the marsh. Most of them have wintered over, although most of the geese head south for Atlanta. I have missed my marsh. The PLeroma has been sleeping in me as well as the marsh, incubating…what, we know not. One cannot force the Beloved to show herself to you, much less to hold you in her embrace. Sometimes she sleeps. You know she is there but one cannot force her to awaken and come to you. She sleeps and you love her as she sleeps. While she sleeps, you “DO.” You act in the world using the inspiration she has already given to you. But when She comes to you, you sleep in her. She takes you into her Oneness, and any thought of doing ceases. There is just indescribable Love and Advaita–“Not two,” just One Love. You stay in this state happily. Who would want to leave it. I stay in it and let little words trickle out from it to you my dear ones. But I cannot “do” in this state, nor do I want to! And so our life with the Beloved, while we are here (or believe we are here) in a dualistic world, is a pulse of “Be”…and “Do.” Bedobedobe…or dobedobedo! There will come a time when the time for doing will be finally gone and we can rest in The Beloved, having gladly given up our little desire to do. Resting in Her we will be fulfilled. Until then I am content to await for her awakening in me and in nature. She will call to me in the rustling breeze in the tree tops. She will expose herself to me in the flowers that come in Spring. She will enchant me with the wonders of nature: courtship love among the ducks and geese; ducklings and goslings on parade through the marsh; fields of daffodils filling the lake; busy beavers building their lodges; birds making love in their nests; the Spring rains showering little newly hatched heads, scurrying for cover under Momma’s wings, and all through the wonder, the presence of The Beloved will call to me and I will answer. Together we will make planets and stars blush as we share a coupling greater than any we have forgotten. The Beloved and I are One, and as One I will sleep within her as all-encompassing Love that has no opposite, nor any need for doing. All this I will whisper into the ears of my duck and geese friends Tuesday at twilight, just before the Full Moon arises in all her glory.
Full Moon

Everything that comes from Spirit is a miracle

. You come from Spirit. You are a miracle. Think you that you are a body bio bag of mostly water, born and bound to die, and you but add a little more to the joke of physicality. You are a spirit and you come from the world of Spirit. If you find your right-mindedness you will quickly see how the world of spirit wishes to communicate to you, and you will see how happy and full the truth is that tells you, “I am not a body. I am a spirit. I am free, for I am just as God created me.”

I have been to Abadiania, Goias, Brasil twice to see John of God and learn from the incredible spirits that come through that vortex. There is an Astral City right above Abadiania and spirits come from there through the vortex into John and the community of spiritists that work there. Spirits from the higher planes also come through this vortex to work with John and the many mediums of the casa. For anyone with even small mediumistic gifts it is like visiting Heaven on earth. In fact, it is the model of Heaven on Earth. The practices of the Casa are designed to mirror the practices of the Astral City above.

I went there this past August to pray for John and to seek further connection with spirit for my own progress as a medium. I was praying out on the porch which looks into a vast expanse of mountains, hills and plains. It was towards twilight and I was all by myself. As I prayed two people materialized in the middle of the air about 50 feet in front of me. They wore white robes and were seated in chairs that looked like comfy clouds. One was a man in his 40’s or 50’s; the other a woman of about the same age. They spoke to me telepathically. They were the governors of the Astral City located above Abadiania. The spoke something very helpful to me and they have remained a presence in my mind. I can easily communicate to them and they have helped me in several situations since I returned to Vancouver. They have accepted me as something like an apprentice. I have had other adventures with spirits they have sent to me, but I will leave discussion of that to a later time.


God Trusts You To Extend His Love

Good morning to the Sonship this great day of the Full Moon. Some of you remember a vision I recounted just before I went to see John of God this past August. I was taken up through all the dimensions and found myself in a space that was not a space. I found myself right next to the Ocean of God’s Presence and all that was separating me from it was the tiniest, thinnest, film, like a soap bubble. I knew that I could walk into that Ocean at any time. Today I would like to tell you the fuller meaning of that vision. It means that God fully trusts me to extend His Love. A large wave in the ocean may look like it is solid but it is just part of the ocean and will fulfill its role in the ocean. We are the waves in the Ocean of God. The Course uses the images of Light, that we are the rays, or radiance of God. We are currently in a dream, believing that we are not part of God at all, but individual persons with our own agenda in a physical universe. But many are now awakening from the dream. Those awakening will hear this more easily. God creates in His Spiritual Universe (not this physical one) by extending Himself. The emanation of His Love is like the radiation of Light extending. We have that radiance as part of Him. God trusts YOU today to extend His Love. You don’t need to hand out tracts on a street corner or preach!!! You just extend God’s Love by radiating it to everyone you meet today. Leave no one out! Just remember, God trusts you to extend His Love. Namaste♥

bench into eternity