A Grand Process

We all know how potent evil seems. If you dare to call it unreal, it just may kick you in the butt. That bus coming towards you is unreal too (just a hologram) but it will still flatten you as flat as a flitter if you walk out in front of it. Every plane of existence seems to have its own rules. You can fly in the Astral Plane but if you try to fly here….well, you will only try once. It may be comforting to know that evil only shows up on the earth plane and the lower Astral. In all higher planes it is unknown; it does not exist. Many esoterics claim that there are seven planes before we merge into the One…into the Ocean of God, where all individuality merges with the Divine and where only unconditional Love and Truth exists. Maybe it is seven or maybe 70. What we know is that we are on a journey back into God…not the god of the Bible who is a person, but the real God who is spirit and knows only all-encompassing unconditional Love that is changeless and eternal. We are a part of Her (:) I just love calling ‘him’ Her) We are a chip off the old block, a part of the Divine Mind, Spirit, Light and Truth. We took a little detour into fear and miscreated this fake universe and split everything into opposites, including ourselves. Now we are awakening to the Truth of who we are. We are climbing Jacob’s Ladder, ascending upwards through the various planes which correspond to various stages of awakening. This low level of the earth plane is our self-constructed theatre where we learn our lessons by overcoming. It is a Grand Process. It is Divine, and that includes you and me, and every poor soul on the earth and Astral plane who believes they are evil or can control others through magic. They are just lost in illusions and are acting out. Look upwards beloved brothers and sisters! The Light of God is streaming down on to you this day, even as you are embroiled in a situation that seems to have you fighting for your life. Be not overcome by evil but overcome evil with Good, the Good that is beyond the little category we have socially made of good and evil; the GOOD that is your true awakened Self, spirit, not a body; Loving not conflicted; eternal not dying and being reborn. We are the radiance, the glow, the Light of God. Just knowing that will lift you up today. Selah!!!