Everything that comes from Spirit is a miracle

. You come from Spirit. You are a miracle. Think you that you are a body bio bag of mostly water, born and bound to die, and you but add a little more to the joke of physicality. You are a spirit and you come from the world of Spirit. If you find your right-mindedness you will quickly see how the world of spirit wishes to communicate to you, and you will see how happy and full the truth is that tells you, “I am not a body. I am a spirit. I am free, for I am just as God created me.”

I have been to Abadiania, Goias, Brasil twice to see John of God and learn from the incredible spirits that come through that vortex. There is an Astral City right above Abadiania and spirits come from there through the vortex into John and the community of spiritists that work there. Spirits from the higher planes also come through this vortex to work with John and the many mediums of the casa. For anyone with even small mediumistic gifts it is like visiting Heaven on earth. In fact, it is the model of Heaven on Earth. The practices of the Casa are designed to mirror the practices of the Astral City above.

I went there this past August to pray for John and to seek further connection with spirit for my own progress as a medium. I was praying out on the porch which looks into a vast expanse of mountains, hills and plains. It was towards twilight and I was all by myself. As I prayed two people materialized in the middle of the air about 50 feet in front of me. They wore white robes and were seated in chairs that looked like comfy clouds. One was a man in his 40’s or 50’s; the other a woman of about the same age. They spoke to me telepathically. They were the governors of the Astral City located above Abadiania. The spoke something very helpful to me and they have remained a presence in my mind. I can easily communicate to them and they have helped me in several situations since I returned to Vancouver. They have accepted me as something like an apprentice. I have had other adventures with spirits they have sent to me, but I will leave discussion of that to a later time.