God Trusts You To Extend His Love

Good morning to the Sonship this great day of the Full Moon. Some of you remember a vision I recounted just before I went to see John of God this past August. I was taken up through all the dimensions and found myself in a space that was not a space. I found myself right next to the Ocean of God’s Presence and all that was separating me from it was the tiniest, thinnest, film, like a soap bubble. I knew that I could walk into that Ocean at any time. Today I would like to tell you the fuller meaning of that vision. It means that God fully trusts me to extend His Love. A large wave in the ocean may look like it is solid but it is just part of the ocean and will fulfill its role in the ocean. We are the waves in the Ocean of God. The Course uses the images of Light, that we are the rays, or radiance of God. We are currently in a dream, believing that we are not part of God at all, but individual persons with our own agenda in a physical universe. But many are now awakening from the dream. Those awakening will hear this more easily. God creates in His Spiritual Universe (not this physical one) by extending Himself. The emanation of His Love is like the radiation of Light extending. We have that radiance as part of Him. God trusts YOU today to extend His Love. You don’t need to hand out tracts on a street corner or preach!!! You just extend God’s Love by radiating it to everyone you meet today. Leave no one out! Just remember, God trusts you to extend His Love. Namaste♥

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