How to Read A Course In Miracles

How to read A Course In Miracles:
Most people will have some interest in the Course if they have bought the book. They will start reading the intro and chapter 1. By that time the ego has already felt a threat from the material. It will bring to the mind such thoughts as “Wow this is tough stuff. I just don’t have time for this.” Then the Course gets put into the book shelf and is not touched again, maybe for several years. The urge comes again to pick it up and maybe you flip through and read a little more. The ego threat gets greater and you set it back down again. This could go on for a lifetime.

What I would like to do here is to give you some help in how to read the Course, using my experience and the wisdom of my teacher, Tara Singh.
First, approach the Course with the kind of reverence and excitement you would for important moments of your life. If you have already learned to meditate, you might begin with a meditation and bring the mind to stillness. It is not necessary to meditate to learn the Course, but it can be helpful at first. Then read the introduction to the text only. Don’t think about it or try to analyze it. You won’t be able to. Next go to the back of the book to the Workbook for Students. The Course is the only spiritual system which helps you to use it. The Workbook is divided into one lesson per day for a year. Begin with lesson one. Do not try to understand or analyze the lesson. You won’t be able to. It will just feed your ego. Each lesson is designed to take you by the hand and slowly begin to undo all the mistakes you have made in thought. After a week or two of lessons you will find yourself less fearful and more interested in the text. Now go back to the text and read chapter 1. Again, don’t try to analyze it. Just read it. Now go back to the lessons and in another week or two you will want to go back to the text and read chapter 2. If you follow this plan, over the course of the year, you will be a very different person. The peace of God will be with you. As you progress in reading the lessons and the text you will find that God’s Peace is in every word. You approach the lessons and texts differently. First you invoke Peace and then you study the text, and the Peace will illuminate the text. Just one sentence studied this way can bring you to enlightenment, that is, a state of Knowledge that you are the Light and eternal. You ARE the Ganges River. You ARE the New Jerusalem, There is no need to go anywhere to get something. You are spirit, not a body. And you are the Radiance of God.

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