Learning from Others

For some reason—I shall have to discover why–I closed my third eye last night. I awoke feeling empty, like an unpacked suitcase. I had no purpose. I was shut off from creating. It felt like I had been kicked out of the Kingdom of God. (Some of my Baptist friends would argue that anyway ) For a medium to be unable to see into spirit felt like a strange form of death…no angels talking to me, no sight of them, no glorious music playing in my head. I was a dead piece of meat! At least that is how it felt. Horrified I quickly re-opened it and my spirit world came right gloriously back. My third eye has been open a long, long, time….since I was a boy! So this experience gave me some insights into others. Maybe that’s why I did it, to find more compassion for others. People often come to me to work on their chakras and/or life problems associated with closed or damaged chakras. I recall one girl who came to me for one problem—she was always choosing men who would reject her–and we found the reason was that as a child she had been abused by her father and had shut down her Crown chakra. Since that cut her off from all divine information, her third eye and throat chakra were also closed, and the heart chakra showed damage. The sacral and the solar plexus chakras were also closed. I got a sense of how she felt of course. I can feel as well as see people. But I don’t think I got it until today how lost she felt and how bound she was to the material world. She did not know any spirit world existed for she was not a part of it. We did some talk therapy and then I opened all her chakras. She was beginning to fire on all cylinders when she left me to go back to the States. But she backslid. It was too much a change. She closed down her crown chakra and third eye again and lives now only in the material world. I have learned from that experience to advise people to come back to me in a couple of days over a week to ten days, so we can gradually teach them new feelings of living in a new world. Today, I understood more of what she feels like. I will work harder and better on those who come to me now. Namaste!