Miracles and Christmas

Miracles happen every day. This state of being is the place for miracles which are not needed in heaven. Miracles as big as our childhood beliefs in Santa Claus happen everyday. We know this deeply to be true, even if we choose to posture with an attitude of ingratitude. We know miracles happen all the time for we grow from them and marvel at what has been made manifest. Miracles spring from an attitude of miracle readiness. When you receive a miracle you know this is true. Sometimes miracles are small and sometimes they are huge, but in every case miracles change lives!♥ They change lives by moving us out of where we were stuck into a new space of liberation. Miracles are signs of God’s Love. We are made of that love. We receive miracles because we ARE miracles. We are the glorious effect of Love’s extension. We have given ourselves one day a year in which we realize that! Regardless of our lot in life, Christmas is our time to awaken to the miracle of Love’s Presence; and it IS present in our midst and all around us. It can be seen by those whose eyes are open to wonder, and felt by those who have torn down the barriers we made to the awareness of its presence. It is seen in the little children talking to Santa Claus at the mall. It is seen in that mother or father who worked a little longer so they could get their children presents. It is seen everywhere. There is no place where it is not. Even if you are old and alone, Love’s Presence is all around you. No one is ever alone at Christmas time♥ No one’s life is so insignificant that Love failed to touch it. That is what is meant when we say, “Nothing real can be threatened.” Tonight, I am so grateful, for nothing in particular but for everything in truth. I am aware of Love’s Presence and I would extend it to you, to each and every one of you on Facebook. We are children of this Light and we are almost Home. The Light of heaven shines brighter in anticipation of our return. Do not think of Heaven as a place we go when the body dies. Heaven is a state of being, and we enter it now, by miracles, through the Heart-gate of Love’s Presence. We are all here together in this swirl of spirit which is Love’s Presence. We are Santa Claus and his elves They came from our mind. And no child will go unloved this Christmas. No little animal will be cut off from the Love it needs. Love’s Presence is always there–though not always known. Let us awaken those around us to its presence. Love a child today and give thanks. Love a little dog or cat today and give thanks that Love is made manifest in so many forms. We are awakening my dear ones; tears stream down our faces as the presence of Love streams through the cracks and crags of the barriers we have made to hold it back. Merry Christmas to all♥♥