Our relationship with nature

Our relationship with nature has gone through quite an evolution…at least for some. We have come from Sportsmen, to Naturalists, to Spiritualists. The Sportsmen looks on nature with the Christian view of the Bible in mind. To them God made all the animals for our benefit. They are ours to eat. The Sportsman gets a lot of pleasure out of feeling he is at the top of the food chain. The professional bass angler pulls up that big bass and says “thank you Lord.” To him, the bass is something to play with and eat. The Naturalist looks on the natural world as full of interest and knowledge. He is interested in observing how the bass evolved and how it lives in its eco-structure. The Spiritualist knows the quantum reality. The bass and I are One! He looks on nature as divine and every animal in it is God in disguise. He knows the animals are his brothers, no less than his humankind. He doesn’t see himself at the top of any food chain with rights possessed only by him! He sees himself as part of the Immensity which includes nature. This immensity is the Divine. It is all-encompassing Love manifesting as nature. You may call this God as long as you don’t mean the god of the Bible who is a person and purports to create separate things. This God is the Tao, the Pleroma, The Beloved, manifesting as the billions of sensory data within a multiverse. And the Beloved is your One True Self. The fish are your brothers. The deer, the horses, the dogs, the wolves, the cows, pigs, sheep…they are all part of One Self that we share. In the deepest sense they are a part of You. Now, instead of heading down to the lake with the intention of tricking fish into biting a hook, go to the lake to visit with your larger Self. Open you heart to see the Divine everywhere. Let nature charm you and change you. You only need to pierce the veil once and see The Beloved for your life to be forever changed.