Spirit to Spirit Communication

My paternal grandmother had some gifting in healing. She was an Ozark country woman with nine children to raise in the great depression. Her husband was a farmer and an itinerant Baptist preacher. He was a gentle soul with a beautiful silvery voice. She was a boisterous, take-charge, drill Sergeant of a mother, but if any people in their area of the woods had problems, they would go to Minnie Shore. She was especially good at witching off warts with some sort of knowledge her Beck clan had passed down to her. I don’t think there was any doubt but that she had some spiritual gifting, underdeveloped as it might have been. I did not get to know her well. She and Vernon (the preacher) moved to California when I was a small boy. Had I been around her she surely would have seen my own gifting and come along side me. I needed that desperately, but it was not to happen. Fast forward to my life in seminary preparing to be a theologian. Vernon was happy that I was getting the theological education that he never did. Our family went to California on a visit when I was still in seminary. Something took place between my grandfather and me that was quite precious. I could see that he was going to die shortly. As we left, I said to him, “I’ll be seeing you.” There was more than words in that sentence. His eyes popped open wide and he smiled real big as he said, “Yeah, I’ll be seeing you.” We had made a spirit to spirit communication. I never saw him again, but in that exchange we remembered ourselves as spirits who come and go, often in groups together and that gave us a much bigger theology than the Baptists were aware of♥

You know the story from here: While in seminary I heard an inner voice telling me to leave seminary and become an opera singer, something for which I had no training at the time. By faith I left seminary, got a job, and when I wasn’t working I was listening to opera. I had all of my theology books in my little apartment covering three walls. I went to the kitchen to feed my cat and when I came back to the living room, the biggest book in my library–about 18″X18″–was sitting on the floor, opened up. It was certainly not there when I left the room. As I looked at it, a picture of my grandmother Minnie came to my mind and I heard a voice in my head say, “Regardless of what you do, don’t forget what you have learned here.” That was the first time I was aware of a spirit contacting me to give a message. What she advised, though, was amazing because I had not learned that “old time religion” in seminary. I had learned to be a scientist who analyzed the Bible with critical methodology. I did not forget what I had learned. I became an opera singer but I kept digging for my Truth. It led me out of traditional Christianity and into a form of Spiritualism that respects all paths up the mountain. My grandmother had indeed come along side me to help. I so look forward to seeing her and Vernon again♥♥♥♥♥