The Beloved and The Full Moon

I am so looking forward to the full moon, Tuesday for us. I will dress in my biggest parka and go to Burnaby Lake right at twilight to fulfill my promise to my duck and goose brothers. I promised them that in the cold of winter I would come and feed them and whisper thoughts of Spring and the return of life to the marsh. Most of them have wintered over, although most of the geese head south for Atlanta. I have missed my marsh. The PLeroma has been sleeping in me as well as the marsh, incubating…what, we know not. One cannot force the Beloved to show herself to you, much less to hold you in her embrace. Sometimes she sleeps. You know she is there but one cannot force her to awaken and come to you. She sleeps and you love her as she sleeps. While she sleeps, you “DO.” You act in the world using the inspiration she has already given to you. But when She comes to you, you sleep in her. She takes you into her Oneness, and any thought of doing ceases. There is just indescribable Love and Advaita–“Not two,” just One Love. You stay in this state happily. Who would want to leave it. I stay in it and let little words trickle out from it to you my dear ones. But I cannot “do” in this state, nor do I want to! And so our life with the Beloved, while we are here (or believe we are here) in a dualistic world, is a pulse of “Be”…and “Do.” Bedobedobe…or dobedobedo! There will come a time when the time for doing will be finally gone and we can rest in The Beloved, having gladly given up our little desire to do. Resting in Her we will be fulfilled. Until then I am content to await for her awakening in me and in nature. She will call to me in the rustling breeze in the tree tops. She will expose herself to me in the flowers that come in Spring. She will enchant me with the wonders of nature: courtship love among the ducks and geese; ducklings and goslings on parade through the marsh; fields of daffodils filling the lake; busy beavers building their lodges; birds making love in their nests; the Spring rains showering little newly hatched heads, scurrying for cover under Momma’s wings, and all through the wonder, the presence of The Beloved will call to me and I will answer. Together we will make planets and stars blush as we share a coupling greater than any we have forgotten. The Beloved and I are One, and as One I will sleep within her as all-encompassing Love that has no opposite, nor any need for doing. All this I will whisper into the ears of my duck and geese friends Tuesday at twilight, just before the Full Moon arises in all her glory.
Full Moon