Will You Choose For Love Or Fear?

This confusion of mind that befuddles people is the biggest weapon in the Ego’s arsenal. There is really only one choice in life. Will you choose for Love or for fear? All other choices are based on that primal choice. If you choose fear you will be driven towards the dark side and trapped in this world of duality. Fear is not real. If you choose it, you will be stuck in illusions. Love is the only reality. It has no opposite because it is all encompassing. Love comes from God and God is Love without opposite. God does not know vengeance, punishment, or curses. The god of the Bible is not God! The god in the Bible is a psychological projection of the Ego. He makes snap decisions and then repents of them. He destroys the world by a flood because he says people are wicked. Having done so, he says, “Oops, I shouldn’t have done that. Here’s a nice rainbow for you to show I won’t do it again.” But we can’t trust him. He is the only god to have nuked his own people. He nukes Sodom and Gomorrah because they were just sooo wicked in his perception!! Talk about the original homophobe! But whatever they were doing did they deserve to be nuked for it!!!! The god of the Bible is an impish male ego with maturation problems. It is no wonder Jesus told his people, “You are of your father, a demon.” Jesus’ knowledge of God was not that God was a person as in the Hebrew Bible, but that God was a Wholeness, the Pleroma of Love’s Presence. He says in John’s lovely Gnostic Gospel, “I emanated out of the Father and I am going back into Him.” So the “Father” was not a person. The Hebrew God Yahweh had a body, a face and a butt. He told Moses, “No one can see my face and live, but stand behind the rock and as I pass by I will let you see my backside.” BACKSIDE???? Sounds like a butt to me!!! This personal god knew nothing of unconditional love. His love is attachment because he is a person. “If you do as I command, I will bless you. If you fail to do my commands, I will curse you.” That is a great picture of conditional love. But it is not a very nice picture. The Bible has been the great tool of the Ego for 2500 years, confusing the minds of all those who read it. Neither Judaism nor Christianity understand the God Jesus knew which is only all-encompassing Love. As confusing as it is, you still will have to choose for Love or for Fear. Different worlds arise from both; from Love arises the spiritual world of God; from Fear arises a dualistic world of constant struggle, wars and rumors of wars, and the constant question: “Where is God?” Choose well my friends….(hint: In the end, Love wins♥)

Python God