Your Christmas Gift

Orange and blue light now stream over the mountains and reflect off the houses. Twilight has come and brought peace to this planet. Twice a day, at dawn and at twilight, peace visits this planet. It is yours if you have the eyes to see it and the heart to feel it. We are never left without peace just as we are never left without the presence of God. We are in truth, the light that radiates from Her ( ). There is no way we could ever be separated from Her. She is the Beloved and she is in all things and upholds all things. The idea that man is separated from God is a lie, straight from the mouth of the Ego. Just so, none of your “sins” have hurt God. They carried no eternal effect because they were temporal mistakes in this dream world we call the universe. God knows nothing of forgiveness for S/He only sees you as S/He created you, spirit, like Her–not physical–and all-encompassing Love. Nothing you can do can change who you are as God created you. You are not a “worm” or a “wretch” precisely because God’s Grace cannot be defeated. “Nothing real can be threatened.” You need only to offer a little willingness to the Holy Spirit to become “miracle ready.” When the miracle comes, it will wipe away your perception of sins because it will erase the past and release you from anxiety over the future. The miracle takes place in “the Holy Instant,” the Holy Now, which is not a part of time. The miracle comes to wash away the stain of sins you believed separated you from God and merited Hell. There is a sparkling newness in this Grand Pause of the Holy Instant, an offering of potential to you, to step out of perception and see yourself as God created you. Let this be your Christmas gift to yourself…then extend it to others.