Sitting Quietly

I enjoy just sitting quietly and looking at the view outside my window. Around dusk Blanche comes into the living room and just sits with me. I find an easy peace just looking at the beautiful clouds and the panorama I have of the city. I no longer need to go to Burnaby Lake to slow down my brain chatter and find stillness. I go there when I want to go, but I don’t need it. The peace that I have experienced there has entered me and is easily summoned. There are some things that can take it away though: television, worries, thought. I know I need to stay away from them! We had few of those unholy three on the farm. The TV only had rabbit ears and shows were limited to I Love Lucy and the Andy Griffith Hour. Thought was not much of a problem. After supper I would sit out on the front porch with grandpa in the swing he had made. We would just gently swing and look at the world. We might discuss going fishing the next day. How I loved my grandparents. That love remembered comes with the peace I summon watching my clouds, and occasionally a thought of you, gentle readers, enters my mind and I will write something. It is twilight now and peace has come to my little world.