God did not Create this World

God did not Create this World

A Course in Miracles is the only Scripture among the world’s religions to tell you the explosive, hard, liberating truth. GOD DID NOT CREATE THIS WORLD. WE DID. Not we individually of course but we altogether as one mind. We miscreated this universe, this planet and this body as a place that God could enter not. We are hiding from God whom we fear out of guilt that we have left heaven and stolen from him! What do we fear we have stolen? US! We fear we have broken off from the ALL that is God and now stand outside him, observing. That, of course, could not ever happen. There is nothing real outside of the ALL. The very thought that we could break off and become independent is a DREAM. In this dream we have created universes and bodies to hide from God in a material world, where God could never find us…or so we thought. But the Holy Spirit came into the dream with us and is constantly whispering in our ear the truth of who we are. We are the Son of God, temporarily lost in a dream.

The Course is very aware and would make you aware that there is a God created spiritual universe and the material universe that WE made. God is spirit and his universe is spirit. God is Love, all encompassing Love, the Whole, which has no opposite. This Love is also Truth and Knowledge. Within this spiritual universe, God and His One Son (of which we are a part) create by extending themselves. God is a spirit and his creations are all spirit. God knows nothing of evil, of tragedy, of bad dreams. God knows nothing of “sin,” “guilt” or “fear.” God is not a part of this human universe. The only part of God that really comes into this human universe is the Love that comes into your heart when you begin to listen to the Holy Spirit, forgive your brothers, and learn your lessons the Holy Spirit would give you. You are not a body!! You are a spirit, and we are all the same spirit split off (in our dream state). We are the Son of God, the radiance of God. We created this world as a place to hide from God, but the Holy Spirit has changed it to a classroom where we can learn the lessons that will enable us to remember our true identity.

This dream world of duality is based on the beliefs in sin, guilt and fear. It does not know the Love of God and is therefore unreal!! Only Love is real. (“Amo, ergo sum.”) The events that happen in this dream world are not real. They are all nightmares of terror, which itself is a nightmare. We are so sure this world is real and the terror in it, and so we ask, at every tragedy, “Where was God?” God does not even know this dream world exists. Were he to be aware of it, it would make it real, which it never could be. God is aware his Son is dreaming, but he cannot know the dream.
THIS IS NOT GOD’S WORLD! HE DIDN’T CREATE IT! WE DID!!! Out of our nightmares of sin, guilt and fear we have created a world of duality which constantly generates tragedy. These tragedies are no more real than anything else in this world.
The Course and Buddhism have similar perspectives on being compassionate to all things and people in this world who are suffering. We come along side and do what Jesus would do. But we can do that precisely because we know that God is in control of reality, and everything that happens here is unreal, except for the Love you remember!

When you are tempted to go into despair over some tragedy in this dream world, express compassion for those suffering, and then say: “GOD DID NOT CREATE THAT PLANE CRASH, SO IT IS NOT REAL.” “GOD DID NOT CREATE THAT SHOOTING SO IT IS NOT REAL.” “GOD DID NOT CREATE THAT WAR SO IT IS NOT REAL.” After a short while, you would come to a place of peace inside yourself where the Love that you are lives. Then you have something to give to the world, suffering illusions about itself. You have the Light of Love and so you are the Light of the World, and you have Peace. In the middle of every tragedy you can extend your Peace. THAT is true compassion, to lead your brother out of his illusions to the Peace of God.

Once an hour today, look around at all the tragedies in this dream world and say: “GOD DID NOT CREATE THAT TRAGEDY SO IT IS NOT REAL. I LIVE IN A SPIRITUAL UNIVERSE WHICH KNOWS ONLY LOVE, TRUTH AND KNOWLEDGE.”

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