How does A Course in Miracles help us with pain?

How does A Course in Miracles help us with pain? First of all, the Course does not ask us to deny that we are in pain, whether physical or emotional. It only asks us to look deep inside and remember that the pain cannot ultimately get us. We are made better.

When my dear cat Bubba died almost four years ago, I was in tremendous emotional pain. I loved him so deeply and I had guilt for not getting him to the Vet in time. I talked to my dear friend, Ken Wapnick, who was the main teacher of The Course. He told me how he and Gloria had lost a cat dear to them and how they had gone through the same grief I was experiencing. We don’t deny the pain we are experiencing but we do deny that it can affect us ultimately. Other kinds of pain get the same attitude. When someone experiences themselves as in emotional pain, perhaps from some situation involving others, then is not the time to try to convince them that the world is not real. We come along side them and offer comfort for that is what Love would do. We think of Jesus doing that. Later, after the pain has been quelled, there may be time to look at what is real and what is illusion.

Jesus finished his lessons here. He was the first to completely see through the illusion of separateness but his action within the world was compassion.