Keeping My Peace

How easy it is to get off track. If I truly want the Peace of God then I cannot allow the circumstances of life to steal that Peace. Not only do I have to forgive my brother, I have to let the world pass without believing in it. The world is perfectly designed to steal our Peace. We should know. We made it so. I have to remember Heaven, that Sate that I also know perfectly well, that State of the awareness of Love’s Presence. I can’t let any war steal my Peace. Every time I reinforce the world with belief in it I forget God and my Home. I lose my Peace, which is impossible because in truth I AM this peace. 911 cannot steal my Peace, regardless of who did it. I cannot let you steal my Peace. Write the most stupid post that you want. I cannot let you steal my Peace. No government can steal my Peace. You can put me in a FEMA camp for being dangerous to the State but you cannot steal my Peace. I will not believe in this world. I deny it. I affirm Heaven as my home and my State of Being, and regardless of what my brother does to me, I will not hate him for it. “Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the Peace of God.”