What would you give to know Peace?

What would you give to know Peace? Would you give up your fear to the Angel of Peace? Would you give up the world you have so carefully made, in which you believe so deeply? Would you give up your resentments and your anger? Would you give up your individuality and “free” will? If you will not, then Peace will remain a stranger to you and its handmaiden, Love, will know you not. All you who love the world so deeply, ask yourself but this: Would you choose to know God or the world, for the two cannot be held together! If you would know the Peace of God, you would need to give up the world miscreated by a fearful thought. If you would love the world, you cannot know God. You must choose. And you have chosen for here you believe yourself to be, too fearful of leaving the world that you might remember Heaven. What would you give to know Peace? Would you forgive your brother for all the “sins” you hold against him? If you cannot, then the face of Christ will remain hidden from both of you and Peace would remain a mystery unsolved. Would you give up your dishonesty to know Peace? You have created a world in which you are happy being dishonest to yourself and your brothers. If you would know Peace you will need to know yourself far more deeply than your little social identity. Could you keep your dishonesty and truly know yourself? What would keep you from knowing yourself unless you prefer dishonesty to Peace? And so we come to this: You created this world as a place where God could enter not, and thus you feel yourself safe from Truth and at enmity with Love. Self dishonesty is the god you pray to. To him you sacrifice all your truth in exchange for a perception of individual uniqueness. “I am that I am” is your song of praise to the god you have projected and in specialness does he take your sacrifices and hold you hostage to them. Would you forget this god to know Peace? Peace, sweet Peace, handmaiden to Love and Truth, why would you reject her for a little clump of dirt and a few illusions? Peace calls to you, and would give herself to you. Why would you not answer? It must be that the price seems too great for you, to give up the pitiful world you have created in exchange for the Peace of God. Choose again my brother! Choose again! For it is ordained that you will choose again. All dreams must eventually vanish. You must eventually awaken. No fear is there that any part of the sonship will be lost. Peace is your birthright and God’s will cannot forever be thwarted. Choose again…for Peace.