The Ego and Division

It is in the nature of the ego to uphold separateness and foster division. Wherever you see schism you know the ego is winning. The ego is the god of this world. The Bible calls the ego Satan and says he is the god of this world. The problem with that is it makes the ego seem real and a dualistic force against God. That perception is the original problem. The ego is not real. It is just a mistake in thought, a crazy idea the mind has focused on. But focused on it, a whole universe of duality and conflict arises from it. I see the ego winning in politics. American politics shows the ego winning very handily. The whole country is founded, not on Christian values, but on the ego and its views of separation, of “specialness” for the individual. In truth we are all equal, not special, and the distinctions we have in personality and accomplishment are NOT important eternally, in the world of Truth. But in the world of the ego we believe that everybody’s opinion is a sacred truth!!! And everybody’s opinion separates them from everybody else!!! The U.S.A. is crumbling because of opinions, 300 million people each with their “sacred” opinions, each willing to fight for the rightness of their opinion, and all it does is foster more and more separation. The U.S.A. is no longer one country, indivisible. It is many countries now, all formed by the ego’s need for schism and separation. If it splits up formally into separate countries, it will solve nothing. The ego will continue its pattern of division within those new countries.

Spirituality would offer a better way. It would tell us to find what is common with us and treasure that above personal opinion. It would ask us to “join” with our brothers in mind by seeing our brothers and sisters as part of our Selves! To do that all we have to do is begin with a little willingness to see that what is in our brother’s interest is also in ours. Let me give you an example. I am a singing teacher by trade. People come to me with all sorts of personal opinions about everything. Instead of engaging them in arguments about their opinions, I look for something we have in common and begin a friendship based on that. The “joining” that defeats the ego is a kind of friendship. What is so great about my opinions anyway? What is so great about your opinions anyway? The ego will flare up and say, “I have a right to my opinion and I demand everyone take me seriously.” That begins the conflict again, and the ego is happy! That is why I will not engage in debates, either in FB or in life. Debates only foster division and whoever wins has won nothing but discord.
Back to the U.S.A. again, a nation of 300 million people either can see a lot in common….or nothing in common. That perception makes all the difference.

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