One Love

I went to Burnaby Lake this evening. I decided not to take my camera. When I have my camera I am an observer rather than part of the whole. That is the original mistake in thought that brought us here into this dream world of particularity. As I got out of the car my mind immediately slowed and calmed. The breeze at the tops of the trees brought my mind to stillness and I knew that I was not a body. The trees and flowers are a part of me. The bees, so busy with their important work, are a part of me. I walked slowly and reverently with my cane in these Wholey haunts. People came and marched through the garden like they were going to a meeting. They walked up Piper Spit with a stiff pace, looked at the ducks and turned around just as abruptly and walked back to their cars! Why did they bother to come? What did they think they could find? I walked slowly to the water and talked to my Geese and Duck friends along the way. They are a part of me and I of them. There are so many gosling turned into fledglings, and so many ducklings already grown from an early hatch. I talked to them as I walked slowly through them so as not to frighten them. This is their home and I am just a guest. But we are all One Family. The sense of my immensity now brings me almost to tears as I walk further with my waterfowl family. The muskrat swims by with lilies in his mouth on the way to the Beaver Dam which he shares as a home with the two Beaver families that live there. This is the first time I have seen him this summer. Swallows dive through the air and Marsh Wrens sing. My Mind is empty…and full, for here I see a light around all things and the marsh becomes a reflection of Heaven. And I almost remember Home.

I have brought a few students here, hoping they could see what I see, but they never do. They see only water and ducks. I am always so disappointed when they cannot join in with the vision. But they cannot see. They see only separate things. Their minds are so lost in the dream. Tonight, I am happy that the memory of who I am visits me when I go to Burnaby Lake. I love these other parts of my Self so much. I wish I could love the body that calls itself “Joe Shore” just as much, but…

In eternity before time when there was no “I.” There was only the All, One Field of All Encompassing Love, unconscious of itself but extending only Love, yet not extending it through time and space (so it becomes hard to talk about down here).  And then I had this little dream…that perhaps I could leave the All and be something more…an individual! It was a silly dream and I should have laughed at it…but I didn’t. And within my dream I had the crazy idea that I was outside of the All, observing it! The “All” is God and I was outside of it, observing. I immediately felt guilty and dreamed up a hiding place, a universe of individual bodies to hide in. I became an individual in this mad dream and I came here as an act of defiance against God! “I” am an attack on God! And taking the attack seriously it never occurred to me that it is impossible to attack God. That original feeling of guilt, I hid under denial and repression as I began to busy myself in this dream world with other bodies. I almost lost myself in it, for this dream world of particularity and individuality is full of loneliness, deprivation and lack! It took the longest time for me to become aware that this world is not real, and even longer to find others who were also aware. But finally, I began to remember a Love that is not of this world, and a little light shone around all things. Little wake-up clues seemed to be waiting for me here and there to find them, and the melos (the melody that plays through all things and reminds us of Home) began to play in my mind.

Now I go to Burnaby Lake and remember more of Home. The lake is not special. This memory of Home is stored in all things. But, to me, the Lake came into my life as a giant clue to the Truth of who I am and the immensity of the One Self we all share. Now all I want is to awaken fully and end my dream. I am tired of dreams. I just want to go Home. There IS nothing but the All-Encompassing Love of God. Only it is real. Jesus knew this. He said, “I emanated out of the Father and I am going back into Him.” Yes! My big brother knew the Truth and the Way. I will follow. Gladly I will let the little dream of “Joe Shore” fade away and step into that Ocean of Love. I would cease my silly attack on God. As I step into that Ocean, I see Burnaby Lake there and all the Ducks and Geese, muskrats and beavers I have loved so much through these 25 years. And you are there with me..and you, and you over there, and you; You who were my friend, and you who were my enemy. We are all there to step into that Ocean together. Tears of happiness flow as we give up silly dreams and regain our place within the Love of God…and then…Love, Truth, Knowledge, Peace flow as One and we are Home. We never left. One Love.