How A Course In Miracles could help in Israel

How A Course In Miracles could help in Israel

Israel continues to see itself as attacked and therefore it attacks back. But Hamas is firing rockets at them, you say! Now why is Hamas firing rockets at Israel? Because Israel has attacked them!! What? How did Israel attack them? It took their land away from them. That’s one huge thing. Now also the apartheid in Israel against the Palestinians is an attack. The imprisonment of Palestinians in Gaza is an attack. They are truly imprisoned there. They cannot leave Gaza and no one can come in. That is imprisonment. What do prisoners often do? They build escape tunnels! Would they fire rockets if they had them? You bet! I knew men who were prisoners of war in WWII. They tried to build escape tunnels. If they had possessed rockets they would have fired them at their captors!! Attack creates more attack!!! Now A Course In Miracles comes in with Divine Knowledge about the mind, and it says “If I defend myself I am attacked.” When one postures defensively he sees attack everywhere. Put another way, a posture of defensiveness manifests attack. I’ll give you a little example. I lived in Manhattan many years. Often I would walk down streets that were described to me as “dangerous” by my friends. I would just laugh and walk those streets anyway. I refused to take a defensive posture. All those years in New York I was never once mugged! Nobody even came up to me to try to mug me and I walked through really tough places! Later on I was a Social Worker in the worst slums of New York. I never once was attacked.

In the middle of this Israel-Palestine environment of attack and defensiveness the Course would say that someone must break the cycle. Someone must stop seeing the other guy as intrinsically other! Someone must see his so-called “enemy” as his brother. Someone must see that what is in the others interest is also in his! The cycle of defensiveness and attack must be broken but it cannot be broken by ego thought which sees everyone as separate and other. It will take right-mindedness to stop it.