This Quietude

Looking out my window at Burnaby Mountain at dusk, with the twilight shining golden on the side of the mountain, in the crisp, honest, cool air of Fall, I think perhaps I have found another sense of things to replace this loneliness I have had most of my life. There is a calmness about things now, a quietude which feels so familiar and so satisfying. This quietude brings in the seasons. It directs the Geese in their flight to the South, and assures the Wood Ducks it is alright to winter over in the safety of Burnaby Lake. This quietude colors the leaves and brings a different shade of beauty to the forests and meadows which were touched with the gold of summer just a short while ago. At the foot of Burnaby Mountain, all is quiet and all is right. The mountain whispers the assurance, “There is only eternity and only Love is real.” This quietude grew my bones and made me. I am a part of the mountain, the shade, the cool it provides and the majesty of which it speaks…and I know that I love.


We are that

Life here is pretty much designed to require all our concentrated awareness. Life’s lessons are not usually easily learned. For this reason esoteric thought has usually been viewed as suspect, as though one were cheating on a test or seeing what is happening behind the screen of perception. (“Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.”) Like the great and powerful wizard of Oz, if we could see behind the screen the great and powerful Jehovah would appear just as silly to us. We are pulling the wool over our own eyes. We are making it up down here as we go along! But underneath this dream world of our perception is a divine ground and we are in truth that ground. In spite of this dream world, there is that which is never born and never dies, that which changes not. We are that changeless ground. In spite of religion’s spooky stories of sin and judgment there is that which cannot be threatened, and we are that.

Love is all that is real

What do we mean when we say that Love is all that is real? We mean that all of our experiences fail in comparison to it. We see it everywhere once we have discovered it in our hearts. I so love to look at the world through Love’s eyes. Sometimes this vision is blurred and I see pain and fear. Sometimes I lash out at others and so quickly regret it. But these painful visions leave, like flowing water over rocks. The rocks are there from the great ages of time. It is their wisdom they whisper to the water as it flows over them. “Only Love is real,” they whisper. In a thousand years we will see the world differently for it has no staying substance. But in a thousand years the Love that is in my heart will still be there, young and pure, without change. This changeless Love is what we call God and we are a part of this Wholey Whole, never to be moved, never to be threatened. Nothing real can be threatened.