This Quietude

Looking out my window at Burnaby Mountain at dusk, with the twilight shining golden on the side of the mountain, in the crisp, honest, cool air of Fall, I think perhaps I have found another sense of things to replace this loneliness I have had most of my life. There is a calmness about things now, a quietude which feels so familiar and so satisfying. This quietude brings in the seasons. It directs the Geese in their flight to the South, and assures the Wood Ducks it is alright to winter over in the safety of Burnaby Lake. This quietude colors the leaves and brings a different shade of beauty to the forests and meadows which were touched with the gold of summer just a short while ago. At the foot of Burnaby Mountain, all is quiet and all is right. The mountain whispers the assurance, “There is only eternity and only Love is real.” This quietude grew my bones and made me. I am a part of the mountain, the shade, the cool it provides and the majesty of which it speaks…and I know that I love.