“Knowledge” verses Belief. What is the difference?

“Knowledge” verses Belief. What is the difference?

“Knowledge” (Gnosis) is inner awareness. It contains its own validation. No external validation is needed. Once you have an inner experience of something and “Know” it, you have no need for words or beliefs. Beliefs are always in another and a lot of words are required. Knowledge is always inner experience and no words can do it justice. Are we there? Are we seeing this? If you believe in the Nicene creed, what good is it? You are just a parrot. But if someone said to me, “I have inner experience of the Nicene Creed,” I would say, “Alright, let me see by your light that this is so.” Now today, people have a lot of different beliefs than were common in 19th century society. But they are still just beliefs. They are just opinions. You may be willing to fight for them, but what does that tell you? True Gnosis always joins minds together! So if you are a Spiritist and you affirm reincarnation, it is because reincarnation is inside your experience. If you just “believe” then it becomes a point of argument and Spiritists and Spiritualists have been arguing over it for two centuries!! But it is not a worthwhile discussion! Spiritualists say that reincarnation has not been proven by science! Big deal! Whose science are we talking about? If you had asked Dr. Ian Stevenson (a psychiatrist) about reincarnation he would have said that now in the 21st century a reasonable man can accept reincarnation. But accepting it as a “belief” or a point in a creed means nothing! Unless you experience the truth of reincarnation within your own Gnosis it is meaningless! But if you get the Truth of what the Course says when it declares, “Trials are but lessons that you failed to learn presented once again, so where you made a faulty choice before you now can make a better one, and thus escape all pain that what you chose before has brought to you. 2 In every difficulty, all distress, and each perplexity Christ calls to you and gently says, ‘My brother, choose again.’ 3 He would not leave one source of pain unhealed, nor any image left to veil the truth. 4 He would remove all misery from you whom God created altar unto joy. 5 He would not leave you comfortless, alone in dreams of hell, but would release your mind from everything that hides His face from you.” (ACIM T.31.VIII.3-6) If you really get that inside, then you will KNOW reincarnation as a FACT, not a belief. Most religions start out with someone who KNEW something (Gnosis) but degenerate into beliefs for others who have not had the inner experience. In that stage, religion is harmful. I write here (for the 30 or so people who respond to my posts) out of what I KNOW inside, and I don’t care if you believe me. If you can see my light, if you can see your own light, you will know. Namaste

Joe at Johns-1a