Years before I ever knew about A Course in Miracles, I wrote this paragraph about my conclusions at that time about the metaphysics of the universe (or multiverse, if there are many). It is amazing how little it differs from the teachings of A Course in Miracles which I use to this day as my metaphysical framework. This is what I wrote:

“The multiverse that God’s Son created (and sustains) is not a “thing,” much less a collection of stuff floating in a vacuous nothing. The multiverse is a holographic training center for consciousness. We seem to be separate beings in a solid world but this is just part of the illusion. We are more like nodes of energy within one system, a complex version of Christmas Tree lights strung in parallel. Each “light” is a node of energy within the whole web.

The system is complex because it is holographic. The multiverse is a program that God’s Son is running. You and I are holographic characters within that program. What our existence is like apart from this program cannot be directly known. It can only be intuited or directly revealed to us by the Programmer. In the hologram known as the multiverse we appear to be separate individuals learning certain lessons. Individual life appears to be a consciousness training school where we learn by relationships. What it really and fully is cannot be known at this level. At each reboot of the program (reincarnation) we seem to lose memory of our previous classes. But some hints of our previous classes come to us as deja-vu or deep intuition. It may be that when we have reached a certain number of re-entries that deja-vu will deepen into a fuller awareness of the whole process and the part we are playing. But that fuller awareness could happen at any moment.

If the multiverse is a hologram then the obvious question comes up as to whether there is free will. Is evil real or just part of the program? It is quite possible to have a program which allows for some interaction within certain parameters. Individuals can make some choices which affect their “lives” in the hologram, but these choices do not affect reality.
The name of the program is “Heavens and Earth,” and in the beginning, God’s Son created it. He also created us, which means we are his thoughts. Is it any wonder that his thoughts seem like individual nodes of energy within a web? From this point onwards in the explanation of things we must explore intuition and to do that we use myth.

The creator of the holographic multiverse program has written in a part for himself. He comes into the program to give us the way to complete the program and end it. On this planet his name was Jesus.

His also gives us clues all throughout the program (The Holy Spirit), tips that spark our intuition. Another major clue is the program itself. On earth he has created a holographic world which, if you can see past the apparent brutality of nature, is so amazingly beautiful, filled with animals of all different shapes and sizes, and a vegetable world with just as much appearance of design. The natural world’s great beauty, organization and design are there to evoke deep intuition and some understanding that the holographic world we live in is a very important program. Seen in its beauty, rather than its brutality, the natural world gives us deep intuition of the Designer, His majesty and love.

Nature can be the truest church. The birds are the choir, and there is never a sour note. Sun, water, and life abounding are the preacher, and the sermon is never boring. How magnificent the Creator must be if I can see him behind the design of a mallard or a wood duck, a beaver, a trout, a redwing blackbird, and you and me. Once we awaken this much the world changes.”

Joseph Shore (2)