An update on John of God

If you read my blog you know what has happened with John of God in Abadiania, Goias, Brasil. This is just an update on the situation. I ask all of you who are right-minded, spiritual people to join with me in this prayer. “Asking help from the Creator of All that is Real, my spirit guides and angels, my true animal totems and my dear brother Jesus, asking that you close the vortex over Abadiania Goias, Brasil and that you purify the area. Bless the town’s people and animals there who are so confused. Clear the spirit of John of God and give his mind clarity. We send our Love which is yours to him and all the world. Amen.”

John is in prison. The Brazilian system of justice is very different from what we are used to in the US and Canada. It is quite possible that John will die in prison. The streets of Abadiania are bare now. The little town looks like a ghost town. Many of the hotels and shops will have to close or go bankrupt.

The many detractors of Spiritism have lost no time in condemning John and claiming that he has proven Spiritism to be just a scam all along. These people are always there. Look at all the cases in Evangelical and Pentecostal churches where famous preachers have been caught in some sin. How people love to condemn. Look at the scandal of the priesthood in the Roman Catholic Church! The same people are there to condemn and claim that this proves the church is just fake and full of hypocrites.  They are sadly wrong. We know the Light for we have been in it. We know that “nothing real can be threatened.” Once again the world brings out the old dream of darkness and once again we affirm “nothing unreal exists.” What is all encompassing Love can have no opposite in Truth. Only in dreams could we imagine otherwise. Nothing real has been done to hurt God’s Son.