The Shimmerin

Everything that you think is so important….is not. Not the world that you believe in, not the metaphysical theories you have, not what you think people did to you…and boy are they going to get there’s…..meh…houie…none of it is real. But you will love them. Love them more than you ever knew possible with a love you never knew possible. You’ll see. There is no world that is real, but there are all these minds that you have dreamed up and lived with and loved or hated. They are all there. Their shimmering bodies are not actually real either. The Love you feel for them is real. More real than anything you were dreamed up! It will shut your shimmering mouth shut and you will not be able to say one word, no matter how hard you try, for words belong only in this made-up world of bodies that we have dreamed up by thoughts and words and stories we have told until we hypnotized ourselves into believing we were really down here, living in these silly bodies, tubes, open at both ends. Matter is shoved into the top end and comes out the other, lookin’ somewhat changed. That’s the world. I have lost all interest in it, but this other place, this NOT-world place with shimmering people, changing scenarios, shifting appearances, THAT I am VERY interested in because this LOVE beyond all our ideas of LOVE is there…charging through every shimmering body And the Creator of All that is Real is there, slipping through, around and in all the shimmering ones. Now the CREATOR is my real interest! I find out that He really likes me! Nobody has ever liked me before the way He does. I am really and truly just a loving thought in His WAY BIG, MIND. But He is funny. Nothing religious about Him!! He has a great sense of humor. He doesn’t see me as having an end! He sang me a little song, WITH WORDS, so boy, they must have been real important! Nobody else had words!! He sang me a little song that went, “I’d never find a train for you…that had an end.” As He sang I felt how much He loved me!! I thought I was gonna blow up or something. I never knew anything before like that love!!!!!. And I keep coming back to this now—All the people you ever knew will be there…but they will be shimmering!  and you’ll only feel love for them and you won’t feel a past, like the one you made on earth with all its judgments. You won’t judge any of these people. You will just walk along with them, travel with them through new scenes and different vistas, content with everything because Love was the everything. Only this Love is real. The Creator makes it so!!! Ohhhhhhh, HOW thankful-full of joy-full of love-I am for the CREATOR. In just no time, I’ll see you all over there…just a little peaceful wait in the tubes. 

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