The Presidency and your belief in commercials!!


Who do you suppose is going to win the U.S. Presidency? Trump or Biden? BIDEN, of course, if you have any decency! What if I told you decency had very little to do with it? You would object and give me all the 1000 good, decent, reasons that we should elect Biden Time Out….Did you ever hear of top secret post WWII called “paperclip.?’ It was a government operation to bring the best Nazi scientists back to the States, give them a great life and tell them they made space ships for us now!! Herbert Von Braun was one of them that became famous. But there were other secret operations too. The OSS which recently had changed its name to the Central Intelligence Agency, which WAS VERY interested in the scientists that learned how to change human emotion and belief. Joseph Goebbels was in charge of that department. What did they learn from him and his scholars? They learned the modern science of advertising!!!!! That’s right. It is a science, in case you didn’t know, and one can learn it and apply it to a population. That is how the Nazi’s converted also all the good little Germans into monsters That is how the tobacco companies conspired with the American Government to hook you on cigarettes for life- “FOR THE SAKE OF THE ECONOMY.” Soon they had constructed a 1950’s dream playground for you to buy and buy and buy. At first TV only had three channels but they were on all the times. All this stuff was made for you to buy it, and the manufacturer gets rich! They called it Capitalism but they got it from the Nazis anyway! Now here are some of the rules you’ve probably never heard.before. A commercial will make you remember it if it sounds bad!! Sing a nice song? Nobody will listen or remember. Sing a terrible song about a product, the people will remember the product. Here’s one you might have heard, Tell a lot of lies in the commercial, especially about the product. The more you lie about the product, the more people will buy it!!! Make an offensive sound within the commercial like say “BO” real offensively or fart really yucky. People will be horrified and rush right out to buy the product. Whatever the product keep saying its name all through the commercial. The more you mention the name, the more they more to buy it. YOU PROPBABLY think by now that people wouldn’t be influenced by that, that their logical minds will tell them to pay no attention to the stupid commercial!!!! SORRY. Your unconscious mind will respond the way it is being trained and everything you buy is more training. Soon we just have a cupped up hen house for hens who dedicate their meaningless lives to buying and selling! And that goes for Mr. roosters too! Even when the Government tried to make you stop smoking, they had a DEVIL of a time making you stop

Now some other rules: If you want someone to win an election, don’t write commercials about how much better one person is than the other. Write little stories about how great it is to have Biden bringing the American image back to the world. If you want him to lose, write a lot of trash about how hard a lot he has to go, and he can’t really beat Trump call he? Trump must have learned sucking at Momma Goebbels breast!!! In every commercial Trump mentions his name over and over again and all he has done for the country. We know it is lies but in commercials we don’t care. The more he lies, we listen and remember his name. Come voting time, his name is on your lips. Maybe the greatest rule is–LISTEN– WHATEVER IS THE BIGGEST LIE TELL IT OVER AND OVER AGAIN WITHOUT END OR MERCY TELL THE BIGGEST LIE ALL THE TIME AND PEOPLE WILL BELIEVE!

The imost important decision whether to buy or support a commercial is the principle “cui buono?” (Who stands to gain?”) As soon as you get it through your head that EVERYTHING is a commercial, it will come to you easier. WHO OWNS ALL THE NEWS COMPANIES?

16 Billionaires own all the news in the USA!!!! That means that everytime you watch FOX News you are getting a commercial aimed right at you from Mr. Fox! Everytime you watch MSNBC you are watching a commercial for NBCUniversal Worldwide News Group.…/these-15-billionaires-own-americ…/…

Why did we elect Trump???? Because we were TOLD TO BUY HIM just like Kleenex or Baby Wipes!!! Don’t tell me all this thought you have put into this election!!!! Most Americans have no idea what is going on and in that case it is good to take a pill. Just sit down and take your favorite pill but this time called it “JOE.” Every time from now on, when you take a pill, called it “Joe.” Pretty soon on election day, the name “Joe” will be floating in your head and you will know who to vote for!!!!!!! TURN OFF THE TV AND WATCH THE REVOLUTION BEGIN!

While a billionaire secretly funding a lawsuit to take down a news outlet may be a new way of using money to influence the media business, billionaires have long exerted influence on the news simply by owning U.S. media outlets.


While a billionaire secretly funding a lawsuit to take down a news outlet may be a new way of using money to influence the media business, billionaires have long exerted influence on the news simply by owning U.S. media outlets.
While a billionaire secretly funding a lawsuit to take down a news outlet may be a new way of using money to influence the media business, billionaires have long exerted influence on the news simply by owning U.S. media outlets.

“Burn Baby, Burn”

Why would the American people vote a rapist into the office of the Presidency of the USA? Donald Trump is a rapist, by his own telling, by his own words we heard him speak. If you think all of his women accusers are lying you still have Trumps own words how he did it! Electing someone like that to be President of the United States would be an act of violence like a riot. We have all seen riots on TV. After the Rodney King beating in 1991 we all watched as Black people burned their own places and houses. White people watched and said, “Why would anyone burn down their own houses?” Maybe some of us finally saw that the riot was an act of desperation at injustice.

Voting for Donald Trump was an act of desperation by many people. They were burning down their own houses by electing him!! The terrible thing is, they may do it again! Even so, it took more than rustbelt pain to elect Trump. It took all the push Russia and Putin could give, and it took the desire of the super wealthy who wanted a President who would continue the neoliberal trend to bring public wealth into private hands. I don’t know how many Americans were really aware of what social philosopher Sheldon Wolin called “inverted totalitarianism” as a description of the true American ruling system, but they were certainly aware that corporations have assumed power over the people! Those in the rustbelt knew that fact in a gritty daily grind of painful life. Like the Black Americans who rioted after Rodney King’s beating, they set fire to America by throwing in the molotov cocktail of Donald J Trump, rapist, liar, conman, thief. They gave him the keys to the kingdom and said, “Here! Burn it down!!!” Only too happy to comply Trump has done exactly as they wished!!! Trump is the end of America for as far as the eye can see. His true guiding slogan is not “Make America great again.” It is “Burn it to the ground and burn baby burn.” I think all of this is still unconscious within the minds of millions of Americans, including many Democrats who have yet to really grasp the truth behind Trump! Inverted Totalitarianism cannot be fought at the ballot box. It would take national strikes and millions in the streets like the Occupy Wall Street movement began. Without that, a second Trump term with finish the burning of America and give us the dawn of a new dark age of Chinese/Russian primacy. It’s only check will be from the global collapse of climate change which will make habitation of this planet very difficult indeed for any human race.