The Presidency and your belief in commercials!!


Who do you suppose is going to win the U.S. Presidency? Trump or Biden? BIDEN, of course, if you have any decency! What if I told you decency had very little to do with it? You would object and give me all the 1000 good, decent, reasons that we should elect Biden Time Out….Did you ever hear of top secret post WWII called “paperclip.?’ It was a government operation to bring the best Nazi scientists back to the States, give them a great life and tell them they made space ships for us now!! Herbert Von Braun was one of them that became famous. But there were other secret operations too. The OSS which recently had changed its name to the Central Intelligence Agency, which WAS VERY interested in the scientists that learned how to change human emotion and belief. Joseph Goebbels was in charge of that department. What did they learn from him and his scholars? They learned the modern science of advertising!!!!! That’s right. It is a science, in case you didn’t know, and one can learn it and apply it to a population. That is how the Nazi’s converted also all the good little Germans into monsters That is how the tobacco companies conspired with the American Government to hook you on cigarettes for life- “FOR THE SAKE OF THE ECONOMY.” Soon they had constructed a 1950’s dream playground for you to buy and buy and buy. At first TV only had three channels but they were on all the times. All this stuff was made for you to buy it, and the manufacturer gets rich! They called it Capitalism but they got it from the Nazis anyway! Now here are some of the rules you’ve probably never heard.before. A commercial will make you remember it if it sounds bad!! Sing a nice song? Nobody will listen or remember. Sing a terrible song about a product, the people will remember the product. Here’s one you might have heard, Tell a lot of lies in the commercial, especially about the product. The more you lie about the product, the more people will buy it!!! Make an offensive sound within the commercial like say “BO” real offensively or fart really yucky. People will be horrified and rush right out to buy the product. Whatever the product keep saying its name all through the commercial. The more you mention the name, the more they more to buy it. YOU PROPBABLY think by now that people wouldn’t be influenced by that, that their logical minds will tell them to pay no attention to the stupid commercial!!!! SORRY. Your unconscious mind will respond the way it is being trained and everything you buy is more training. Soon we just have a cupped up hen house for hens who dedicate their meaningless lives to buying and selling! And that goes for Mr. roosters too! Even when the Government tried to make you stop smoking, they had a DEVIL of a time making you stop

Now some other rules: If you want someone to win an election, don’t write commercials about how much better one person is than the other. Write little stories about how great it is to have Biden bringing the American image back to the world. If you want him to lose, write a lot of trash about how hard a lot he has to go, and he can’t really beat Trump call he? Trump must have learned sucking at Momma Goebbels breast!!! In every commercial Trump mentions his name over and over again and all he has done for the country. We know it is lies but in commercials we don’t care. The more he lies, we listen and remember his name. Come voting time, his name is on your lips. Maybe the greatest rule is–LISTEN– WHATEVER IS THE BIGGEST LIE TELL IT OVER AND OVER AGAIN WITHOUT END OR MERCY TELL THE BIGGEST LIE ALL THE TIME AND PEOPLE WILL BELIEVE!

The imost important decision whether to buy or support a commercial is the principle “cui buono?” (Who stands to gain?”) As soon as you get it through your head that EVERYTHING is a commercial, it will come to you easier. WHO OWNS ALL THE NEWS COMPANIES?

16 Billionaires own all the news in the USA!!!! That means that everytime you watch FOX News you are getting a commercial aimed right at you from Mr. Fox! Everytime you watch MSNBC you are watching a commercial for NBCUniversal Worldwide News Group.…/these-15-billionaires-own-americ…/…

Why did we elect Trump???? Because we were TOLD TO BUY HIM just like Kleenex or Baby Wipes!!! Don’t tell me all this thought you have put into this election!!!! Most Americans have no idea what is going on and in that case it is good to take a pill. Just sit down and take your favorite pill but this time called it “JOE.” Every time from now on, when you take a pill, called it “Joe.” Pretty soon on election day, the name “Joe” will be floating in your head and you will know who to vote for!!!!!!! TURN OFF THE TV AND WATCH THE REVOLUTION BEGIN!

While a billionaire secretly funding a lawsuit to take down a news outlet may be a new way of using money to influence the media business, billionaires have long exerted influence on the news simply by owning U.S. media outlets.


While a billionaire secretly funding a lawsuit to take down a news outlet may be a new way of using money to influence the media business, billionaires have long exerted influence on the news simply by owning U.S. media outlets.
While a billionaire secretly funding a lawsuit to take down a news outlet may be a new way of using money to influence the media business, billionaires have long exerted influence on the news simply by owning U.S. media outlets.

Be Not Dismayed

There are times when the horror of this world almost outplays the wonder of it. Cheaters win; Crooks get away with crime; all that is good seems to be threatened. It comes to us in every generation, this great dilemma of the world. We look for goodness. We look so hard to find meaning, and we look even harder to find love. But we can’t find it in the world and its systems. Through tears we look from catastrophe to catastrophe and find no consolation, until another soul sees us bound up in our agony and says, “Yes, I feel it too! Where is there justice? How can we find our way?” And in that moment of common empathy love makes its existence known. The world knows it not, but the human spirit knows the love it seeks. We are the love the world needs! We are the truth we are looking for. Yes, the world is a crooked place all too often where abusers get away with their crimes, where the needy are sold for the price of shoes, where a man or woman of God seems so hard to find!! The evil one seems to win and laugh at truth and right and all that is good. We have these days where the Brett Kavanaughs of the world are exalted and truth and decency are mocked. But they will not endure. They will not endure for the moral arch of the universe bends long but it bends exactly towards justice. Nothing but Love is Real and Nothing Real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists! It may appear to exist as a nightmare does but it will end!!! IT WILL END my dear brothers. We will awaken from this nightmare into Love’s Presence. I love therefore I am. Descartes was wrong. He didn’t see the way. But I have seen the way and when I love I am real. I rise about the dream of the world and share my thoughts with God!! So now is our time dear brothers and sisters to rise above this contemptible world and find the Love that is in us as our natural inheritance and share it with every needy one who has lost hope, who fears that evil may triumph, that ignorance is all that we can expect and that God is dead!! S/He is NOT dead! S/He lives within the love that is deep in your heart. S/he shares every moment of Love’s experience. S/he know that His/Her Son is asleep, dreaming a terrible dream of good and evil where the evil too often seems to win. But S/He has given us the ability to awaken from the dream, a little at a time or a lot at a time–it is all our choice. But the end is not in doubt. The world was over a long time ago and the Oneness of Heaven is Reality that has not been disturbed by this silly little dream of good and evil that we are playing out right now. Love is all there is. Love is all there is. Be not dismayed. Love is all there is. Be not afraid of Republicans or Brett Kavanaugh. Love is all there is!!!!!!!!!!!!


Urban Prisoners Without Hope

I was a social worker in New York City for two years and I worked in the slums. About 3 million people live under the poverty line in NYC and many of them live in slums that defy description. For one year I was a protective diagnostic caseworker for abused and neglected children. I was the one who went to the homes and investigated abuse and neglect and removed the child when necessary. This stressful job took quite a toll on people. The average caseworker lasted three months on the job! I lasted a year. The next year I was an undercare social worker and had custody of a caseload of about twenty children who had been removed from their homes because of abuse or neglect and were living with foster parents. I saw masses of people trapped in New York as if it were a prison.

When the movie Escape from New York came out I went down to a movie theatre downtown Manhattan near Times Square. It was like a group interaction event. People definitely empathized with being trapped in New York. Where people view themselves as being in prison, they will view the police as prison guards, and the situation fulfills itself when police ACT like prison guards. I have seen things I hope no one has to see again. I KNOW what the Afro-American community in Baltimore is feeling. I sympathize with them. But the problem is that most Americans do not want to empathize. They just want the problem to go away. While I was a social worker we had 100,000 homeless people living on the sidewalks. People just stepped over them and went on their way. Then one day, the police came in vans and trucks and all of a sudden those 100,000 people were no longer there? Where did they take them? We have a police crisis in North America because we have a crisis of conscience! We have a crisis of care, or lack thereof. But we are just so busy, aren’t we? We go to work and keep our house in order and that just consumes our energy. Who has the energy to care? If you want to pray for something, pray for the energy to care!!!!