If you need help, just ask!

Many years ago now, I was shown that I could work in spirit to help trapped souls. I had been doing clearings for a long time and had a cooperative working relationship with some groups of angels who were working with me. (I do not identity these cases for confidentiality but the stories are useful for others to build faith.) I had a student who brought to me a case about her cousin who complained of her house being haunted. She had lost her husband tragically as he was returning from Iraq as a soldier. In this case, the student acted as a helper for me to be able to see into the case. We discovered that the husband had gotten mixed up with drug running from Iraq to South America and his South American partner was a bruja, a witch, who had cast a spell on him which cased his plane to crash. I instructed the student to go to the house and sprinkle sea salt all over the rooms and say the Lord’s Prayer in each room. She did that and the paranormal activity actually increased! I prayed to the Creator of All that is and my angels for insight. I was taken up into spirit, and found myself just above the lower Astral Plane. Some of the angels I worked with pointed him out. “Look! He is down there.” They pointed to a place in the lower Astral where he was stuck in a cocoon of a sticky, tar like substance which was the manifestation of his sadness. I asked for the angels to shine their light on this cocoon and it vanished, showing instead the Astral body of this man, locked in a fetal position, rocking back and forth, saying, “Nothing good will ever happen to me again,” over and over again. The angels advised me to call for the Missionary angels to come. I did not even know anything about them at the time, but they are a group of angels who specialize in deep rescue cases. I asked for them to free him from his illusion. Gradually, they relaxed his Astral body and stood him upright and then took him higher in the Astral to a hospital (just like in the movie and book Nosso Lar or The Astral City). Then we went to work clearing him of all his connections to the witch and the curses she had put on him. My student returned to the home that had been haunted and now found that it was clear. His wife was regaining her sanity and things were returning to normal. Later she happily remarried again. Her husband in spirit was cured in hospital and went on to have his life review and is still in spirit. The house is still clear. The beauty and holiness of working with the angels on behalf of a lost soul filled me with a loving desire to help in whatever cases are brought to me. I don’t seek cases on my own. That would be arrogant. But when cases are brought to me I know that I am supposed to help.
Life continues after the death of the body. The spirit goes into whatever level of vibration its lessons have caused. We are in communion with spirit. We are all a part of One Spirit in Truth, though we have countless illusions of being separate. We move towards that great time in Time when Eternity shall meet and we shall all be One Spirit at Home in the Pleroma, the all-encompassing-Love of God, from which we have never left in Truth. Namaste!!

If you have a feeling that there is darkness around you, or that  you cannot find your own soul, or that there just seems to be a cloud over your head, you may have picked up some attachments which are pulling you down. If that is the case you can contact me at my email, revjoe@shaw.ca and I will help you.

Here is a picture the camera caught of an earthbound spirit trying to hook up with a man drinking at a bar.



We had to underexpose the picture because at regular settings the spirit was emitting so much ultraviolet light. Here is the picture totally exposed.


To the naked eye, no one was sitting at that chair!