Be Not Dismayed

There are times when the horror of this world almost outplays the wonder of it. Cheaters win; Crooks get away with crime; all that is good seems to be threatened. It comes to us in every generation, this great dilemma of the world. We look for goodness. We look so hard to find meaning, and we look even harder to find love. But we can’t find it in the world and its systems. Through tears we look from catastrophe to catastrophe and find no consolation, until another soul sees us bound up in our agony and says, “Yes, I feel it too! Where is there justice? How can we find our way?” And in that moment of common empathy love makes its existence known. The world knows it not, but the human spirit knows the love it seeks. We are the love the world needs! We are the truth we are looking for. Yes, the world is a crooked place all too often where abusers get away with their crimes, where the needy are sold for the price of shoes, where a man or woman of God seems so hard to find!! The evil one seems to win and laugh at truth and right and all that is good. We have these days where the Brett Kavanaughs of the world are exalted and truth and decency are mocked. But they will not endure. They will not endure for the moral arch of the universe bends long but it bends exactly towards justice. Nothing but Love is Real and Nothing Real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists! It may appear to exist as a nightmare does but it will end!!! IT WILL END my dear brothers. We will awaken from this nightmare into Love’s Presence. I love therefore I am. Descartes was wrong. He didn’t see the way. But I have seen the way and when I love I am real. I rise about the dream of the world and share my thoughts with God!! So now is our time dear brothers and sisters to rise above this contemptible world and find the Love that is in us as our natural inheritance and share it with every needy one who has lost hope, who fears that evil may triumph, that ignorance is all that we can expect and that God is dead!! S/He is NOT dead! S/He lives within the love that is deep in your heart. S/he shares every moment of Love’s experience. S/he know that His/Her Son is asleep, dreaming a terrible dream of good and evil where the evil too often seems to win. But S/He has given us the ability to awaken from the dream, a little at a time or a lot at a time–it is all our choice. But the end is not in doubt. The world was over a long time ago and the Oneness of Heaven is Reality that has not been disturbed by this silly little dream of good and evil that we are playing out right now. Love is all there is. Love is all there is. Be not dismayed. Love is all there is. Be not afraid of Republicans or Brett Kavanaugh. Love is all there is!!!!!!!!!!!!



The Real Lesson of the Crucifixion

Have you learned the lesson of The Crucifixion lately? I have. In ACIM, Jesus tell us the meaning of His Crucifixion. It was the last needless journey the sonship ever need make. Jesus allowed himself to go through the crucifixion in order to show us that the Son of God cannot be harmed, crucified, killed, or tortured! He did not identify himself with the body that was undergoing such things. He identified with Himself as a spirit which cannot be harmed, cannot die, and so He lives on, for He was never of time and time cannot contain Him. He asks us, when we go through hardship, usually far less than His, to take His model for how we see ourselves. Jesus did not see Himself as betrayed but regarded Judas as a brother.

When relationships sour because of ego reactions, often both people want to crucify the other. The ego believes in vengeance, not forgiveness. The ego believes in holding to its point of view at the cost of sacrifice and crucifixion. Each person demands that the other accept His/Her view of what took place. In Unrequited Love, the person who cannot reciprocate often demands that the other person accept her view of things. “You don’t love me. You are fixated on me. I need you to see that.” The person who cannot reciprocate demands that you accept her view of yourself!! No one should do that!! ‘I am as God created me. I am not as you view me!’ The person who cannot reciprocate also does not see herself as God created her or she could not attack! The unrequited lover has a choice of how he will view his situation. He can see himself as the other person wishes to see him, up on the cross, suffering duly for sins, or he can choose to associate himself with his spirit and say, “I am as God created me. I cannot suffer. I cannot be harmed. I cannot be killed. I am not of time.” In that space he can say “Father forgive her. She knows not what she is doing.” Especially in unrequited love, people do not see that how they react is out of themselves. Projection creates perception. If you see me as loving, that is a gift you give to yourself from the love that is in you. If you see me as fixated instead of loving, you give yourself the experience of attack and fear, from a place within yourself where they live. How you react to the other says everything about you!! Forgiveness can come out of crucifixion rightly seen. Will you do that? Will you see it that way?