Love is all that is real

What do we mean when we say that Love is all that is real? We mean that all of our experiences fail in comparison to it. We see it everywhere once we have discovered it in our hearts. I so love to look at the world through Love’s eyes. Sometimes this vision is blurred and I see pain and fear. Sometimes I lash out at others and so quickly regret it. But these painful visions leave, like flowing water over rocks. The rocks are there from the great ages of time. It is their wisdom they whisper to the water as it flows over them. “Only Love is real,” they whisper. In a thousand years we will see the world differently for it has no staying substance. But in a thousand years the Love that is in my heart will still be there, young and pure, without change. This changeless Love is what we call God and we are a part of this Wholey Whole, never to be moved, never to be threatened. Nothing real can be threatened.


Love grows.

Love grows. It is in its nature to extend itself. The Love of God that has come to me seems, as it were, a great gift. But in Truth it is a part of Me, and shall I not know my True Self? I will know myself as God created me and I will go back into the Father. Along the way, the love just keeps growing and the eyes of my brothers and sisters just keep opening. Spirit has commanded me to go back to Abadiania Brazil next month to be with John of God. I suspect that everyone there has been commanded to come. There we will pray for the world, for the transdimensional Love of God to be brought upon the 3D world and all its denizens as a mighty world-wide flood! The world needs a little boost right now to help its transformation. We must touch the world with the Love of God. The vortex energy of God’s Love that centers in Abadiania, WE must direct to every nook and cranny of the 3D world, and every ego who thinks s/he lives on this terrestrial ball. This is indeed the time of change all our myths have spoken about, and we who know the Light must now step up to the plate and do our job. We will do it! We will heal God’s son!! How can we do less? The Father weeps for his separated sons lost in dreams. How can we do less than bring his sons and daughters Home to Him, and with him, we too enter Heaven’s Gate and remember our ancient Home. Only Love is real and I Love You.