When Jesus came……

When Jesus came……

During my years with medium David LeBaron at his little Spiritualist church in Seattle, nothing was more stunning in seance than the materialization of Jesus. David LeBaron was a great physical medium. That means that spirits could manifest physically through him. Sometime they only partially manifested as a gaseous form, but other times they manifested as solid as you or me, and in that form I have walked arm and arm with them in a partially lit seance room. One year I was going through a painful lesson. David knew I had to go through it but he loved me and wanted to ease my pain if he could. He underwent two weeks of meditation in order to manifest a High Master named Adriotis of Atlantea. One Sunday afternoon in seance, David’s Spirit guide named Hilda, called me to come up to the cabinet where David sat in trance. She said that this High Master was coming through for me. He materialized as solid as a brick, wearing robes made of light. Lights flashed all over him as we walked around the room arm in arm. He gave me assurance that I would get through this painful ordeal and that there was a divine plan for me which I would still fulfill. Then his physical body became gaseous and disappeared through the ceiling.

As impressive as that was, something else happened that same year in Sunday afternoon seance that would top it. It was Easter. The week before, David had prepared us that Jesus might materialize to us in seance because he usually came every Easter. That was my first Easter with David and the church in 1994. We were not long into the seance before Hilda told us that “the Master” was coming. He materialized semi-solid in flowing white robes. I cannot over-emphasize the impact that this had on all of us. We were all brought up into a higher dimension that was so loving, we were possessed of love for one another and for the Master. He let us come to him and feel his robe. It was made of light but it still had texture. As we felt it, we could feel the pattern of it, where there were stitches. He spoke in ways that Spiritualists will understand. He said that he did not die for our sins. He said that He agreed to go to the cross to show us that death does not exist and that we are made of spirit to live forever. His presence inundated us with his Love. His voice was so loving, so calm, so assuring, we lost all sense of human lack or anxiety. Another reason I remember it so well was because, as he manifested and spoke to us, David was permitted to awaken from trance and join us as we talked to him. There we were, his sheep, having gentle conversations with him. And then he said that he would see us again and dematerialized. David went back to his cabinet and tried to go back into trance but could not. We all just sat there, immersed in Love, talking to one another. This experience showed to me the heights of Spiritualism and Spiritism. It showed that God and us are not separate. We are not in truth different from Him. We are cut from His cloth. We are emanations of God and we are here remembering who we are.

I was with David for three more Easters. Each time, Jesus came.

Full Moon Sept. 30, 2012

La Bella Luna Piena

This beautiful full moon tonight was wonderfully special. It gives such serene energy, mellow, and rich with gratitude. Use the energy to forgive someone today.

I went to my beautiful marsh, Burnaby Lake. The summer garden by the Nature House is now almost gone, but traces of its beauty still remain. I visited with the flowers, told them how much I loved them and what a wonderful job they had done this year. I petted the flowers and told them they were still lovely as I took their pictures. And then, I was overcome with tears by a visit from my old friends there in that holy place. My immensity returned to me and with it my stillness. These beloved gifts I gave to myself there in the presence of that autumnal garden. I thanked the Honeysuckle vines and kissed them. I plucked the last blackberries and thanked them for their sweet taste, and then I headed for the lake to see my ducks, geese, and waterfowl friends. Right away it was obvious that the ducks and geese reflected the serene energy of the moon. They were not frenetic in flight the way they had been in the summer full moons. They were all gently a chatter but not terribly interested in flying anywhere. J People had come in droves to the waterfowl sanctuary for some reason unknown to most. They fed the ducks and scurried back home. The night air cooled to a Canadian chill before the grand arrival of La Bella Luna. First we were treated to a spectacular sunset with purple, orange and yellow colors reflecting off the cloud and pouring out its light on to the lake.  Then finally the full moon rose and her sweet energy filled the marsh. She arose late tonight and towards her winter tilt, but there she was, In all her glory, looking slightly pink within the clouds. I just thanked the ducks, geese and waterfowl for their beauty and love. I thanked the marsh for another year of experience with her. I am that marsh. Those ducks are a part of me and I of them. That lake is my blood and I am its life. We are joined together in a song and dance of remembrance that makes Heaven blush. Shameless love fills my place and I am at peace. My heart has forgiven every one. I have forgiven the world. And now Heaven’s splendor radiates so strongly from every blade of grass, every blackberry vine, every flower in the garden, every duck and goose, every lily pad. The world that I had once made out of fear is gone with the past. The world I see now is a part of me and I of it and all a part of God. In the splendor of the grass do I walk, as each duck, bird, squirrel, beaver and muskrat.  I am the great Blue Heron. I am the fishes he feeds on. I am the beaver in his den and the children he cares for. I AM THE FULL MOON AND THE UNIVERSE OF WHICH IT IS A PART. It is all me, not “Joe Shore.” He is just a body and a character I am playing. I thank “Joe” for his good work and at last I “love” him, but he is not ME. I am the radiance of the sun. I am the clouds that cover it. I am the mist that rises above the marsh. I AM THE FULL MOON THAT RISES OVER IT. I AM THAT I AM, not as a person, not as an Ego. I AM the immensity. I am the PLEROMA. I am the love that tells the flowers to spring up and the rain that nourishes them. I am the force that connects all things in spectacular quantum entanglement. I am the tears that run down my face now. I am the love that brought forth my companion, Blanche, who sits with me now in contentment. I AM THAT I AM and I am not alone for you are with me, and you and you and you and you and you who were my enemies, you who hurt for me, you who hated me as well as you who love me. You are here and we are One. This is the beautiful energy of this full Moon. La luna piena! Come bella sei tu. The gifts of Heaven you bring to those with eyes to see and ears to hear and hearts that yearn to be opened.

This immensity that I know now so intimately cannot be harmed. It cannot be diminished. It cannot fade. It will turn now into the winter of sleep. I will tell the flowers to sleep and the trees to shed their leaves. I will tell the berries they may safely go back into the cold earth and rest for a season. And I will tell my beautiful ducks to tuck their beaks under their wings and wait. I will come again and raise them to a new Spring and new hatchlings. In the meantime, this body that calls itself “Joe Shore” will visit them in the cold of winter and bring much needed seeds to them. I will tell them stories of the coming Spring and the love they will again feel for one another as mates are chosen, eggs laid, and ducklings hatch. This beauty will stay at Burnaby Lake until all the universe has awakened and returned to the Pleroma of God from which it came. I will never leave Burnaby Lake. We will ascend together…in the light of the glorious full moon. La Bella Luna Piena. This is as holy a writ as you will ever read and it is only fitting that, just for now, I say….